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Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 13:00



May 25, 2017 Meeting Topics:

Please join us for the WaTech Quarterly Customer Meeting.  The meeting will be set up with a Skype for Business connection for those who are unable to participate in person. This quarter we will review the following topics:

Customer Engagement Session: Heidi Geathers
Heidi will lead the participants through an expected outcomes session regarding engagement.

Mainframe update: Lance Calisch
Lance will review the current WaTech Mainframe status and plans for the future.

Private Cloud update: Scott West
Scott will give an overview of the Private Cloud services offered including recent updates.

Customer Survey update: Michael DeAngelo
Michael will review the Customer Survey work completed and work being done.

Quarterly Customer Meetings are open to government employees only.

Location: Room 2208, 1500 Jefferson, Olympia, WA