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A to Z List of Products and Services


     A      J Shared Services - Email
Active Directory      K Shared Web Hosting
Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)      L SharePoint
ActiveSync LISTSERV® Site-to-Site VPN
Audio Conferencing Logging and Monitoring Skype for Business
     B      M SSL VPN
Billing Information Mainframe Platform - S/390 State Government Networks (SGN)
Business Continuity Mainframe Platform - Unisys Statewide IT Policies and Standards
     C Managed Firewall Storage Area Network (SAN)
Centrex Managed Server Hosting Strong Authentication
Citrix Edge Service Maps / Directions Switched Long Distance
Colocation Olympia Master Service Agreement (MSA) System 390 Mainframe Platform (S/390)
Colocation Quincy Mobile Device Management (MDM)      T
Contact Us      N Tape Back-up
Customer Account Managers Network Attached Storage (NAS) Technology Services Board
Customer Account Manager Agency Assignments Network Security Design Reviews Telephony Training
Customer Terms of Service (TOS) Library      O Thin Client Licenses (EOS)
     D Office 365 License Activation      U
Directory Assistance Office VPN Unisys
Disaster Recovery Online Disk - S/390      V
Disk Archive - S/390 Online Phone Directory VPN
Disk Storage - S/390 Mainframe Output Solution (EOS) Vendor Documentation
Domain Naming Services (DNS)      P Video Conferencing
     E PBX Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Electronic Records Vault (WaServ) Policies and Standards, Statewide IT Virtual Server Hosting
Enterprise Forward Proxy Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Voice Mail
Enterprise Output Manager (EOM) Private Cloud Service          Centrex
Enterprise Output Solution (EOS) Procurement Announcements          PBX
Enterprise Security Infrastructure Public Government Network (PGN) Vulnerability Assessment
Secondary Transport Ethernet Services      Q      W
     F      R WaServ (Electronic Records Vault)
Field Services      S Web Conferencing
Firewalls S/390 Web Hosting Services
Fortress Anonymous SAN Network Connectivity Wireless Service
     G Secondary Transport Ethernet Services      X
     H Secure Email External Users, End User Training Guide      Y / Z
Host On Demand (HOD) SecureAccess Washington®  
     I Secure Certificates  
Internet Access Secure File Transfer  
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Secure Web Proxy  
Intergovernmental Network (IGN) Security Assessment  
IPSec Client VPN Server Backup  
IT Portfolio Management SGN - State Government Network