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State agencies have the option of going paperless when it comes to employee earnings statements, saving both time and money.

Going paperless has its benefits

  • Employees have online access to payroll information 24/7 through Employee Self Service,
  • Agencies can save the cost and staff time to distribute printed earnings statements.
  • Online viewing provides secure distribution for sensitive information.
  • Employees may still print and save an electronic copy as needed.
  • Employees can easily retrieve earnings statements for the current year.
  • Agencies receive fewer requests for replacement copies.

It's easy for agencies to switch to paperless earnings statements

An agency can request to discontinue printing earnings statements for all employees, or just employees in a particular Personnel Area (a specific agency/sub-agency designation in the payroll system).

“No Print” requests are made by the Director of each agency. Requests can be made by submitting an Earnings Statements "No Print" Request Form to:

Support Center
1500 Jefferson
Olympia, WA  98504
MS:  41481 

Requests received by the first payday of the month (10th) will be implemented on the first payday of the following month. (Example: A request that is received by 11/10/09 will be completed for the 12/10/09 payday. A request that is received on 11/14/09 will be completed for the 1/11/10 payday).

Things to consider before submitting a "No Print" request:

  • Is your agency ready to move the ENTIRE personnel area(s) to no print?
  • Do the affected employees have access to Employee Self Service (ESS)?
  • Do you have a plan for printing earning statements for employees who do not have access to ESS? (Employees in remote locations, employees out on leave, etc.)
  • Have you considered the potential impact to agency printers if employees wish to print a copy of their earnings statements?
  • Do you have a plan for communicating the “No Print” decision to all employees in the affected personnel area(s)?  We've supplied a sample employee communication that you can customize to meet your needs.
  • If you are a represented agency, consider notifying the unions that represent your employees before implementing “No Print.”

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