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A lot of pieces must fit together seamlessly within a computer system (and to other systems) to guarantee success and long-term value.

We use Change Management (CM) to reduce risk by analyzing and prioritizing requests for changes to HRMS and other applications, and to keep track of the details.

HRMS Release Management (RM), is a process in which several approved changes are "bundled" in a single release. This approach, which is similar to the updates that Microsoft provides for Windows and Office products, provides structure to the release of system changes so customers know the changes to expect and when they will take place.

System changes can be large or small, impact multiple users, affect stored data, or involve hardware or software. Applying changes in planned releases saves time and money and reduces service disruptions. Types of changes include:

  • Technical Upgrades – changes necessary to maintain vendor support and warranties, and to work with current technology.
  • Enhancements and Fixes – modifications which increase performance and functionality, or solve a problem.
  • External Requirements – updates required by legislative action, or for regulatory compliance such as tax rates.

HRMS RM Schedule

A list of target dates when WaTech plans to implement a release, and is subject to change at any time.

HRMS RM Approved Changes

2017 2016

HRMS RM Emergencies/Exceptions to Standard Release Windows

HRMS Change Requests

HRMS Data Definitions

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