Crosswalk Table

Below is a list of Crosswalk Conversions and Crosswalk Mappings in Excel files.

Note: These Crosswalks were used during conversion and have not been updated since then. To see all current values for the HRMS environment interfaces, use the Master Value List posted on the HRMS Interfaces page.

Name Date
Crosswalk Table Master 06/06/06
Additional Withholding Information 06/06/06
Benefit Plans 06/06/06
Educational Establishment 06/06/06
EEO to Jobs 06/06/06
Employee Group 06/06/06
Employee Sub-group 06/21/06
Ethnicity and Race 06/06/06
Garnishments 06/06/06
Medical Aid Codes 06/14/05
Military Status 06/06/06
Pay Scale Area 06/06/06
Pay Scale Type 06/06/06
Personnel Area 06/06/06
Time Administration 06/06/06
Wage Type 06/06/06
Work Schedule 06/06/06
Workers Compensation Codes 06/06/06

Crosswalk Mappings for Parallel Test Cycles 1 & 2 and Cycle 4 testing with Mock 3a data.

Note: Documents NOT subject to change.

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