Independent systems/applications interact with each other by means of an interface. To ensure the integrity of data that is transferred between applications, one must understand the processes and languages in play.

This page provides tools and information for "Professional Users" to help you understand how these processes work and how data runs within HRMS environment.

HRMS Interface Design Index

Note: Use the Master Value List to reference filed values for all interfaces, and use the Interface Master List to see current agencies using interface.

Gap ID Interface Business Utility Inbound/Outbound
1 Time and Leave Activity Inbound
2 Financial Transactions N/A
3 Warrant Register/Fund-Treasury File Outbound
4 Register Control N/A
5 Warrant Printing Outbound
6 OST ACH Transmittal Register File Outbound
7 Payroll Accounting Details Outbound
8 Leave Summary Outbound
9 Employee Master Data Outbound
10 Position Data Outbound
11 Payroll Details Outbound
12 OFM Contra fund N/A
13 OSHRD Outbound Interface Outbound
14 AFRS Account Code Verification Inbound
15 Salary Projection System N/A
16 Inbound Payroll Deductions Inbound
17 Org Codes, Attendance Units Outbound
18 Agency Table N/A
19 Active Employee, Warrant and EFT Counts Outbound
21 Retirement/DCP JV Outbound File Outbound
22 DCP Transmittal Outbound
23 Quota Balances Inbound Inbound
24 Data Entry Activities/Transaction N/A
25 Job/Job Titles Information Outbound
26 Active Employee Counts N/A
27 Medical Aid Rate Updates N/A
29 Leave Accruals N/A
30 Pay Ranges and Salary Information Outbound
31 Pay Constants N/A
32 Work Force Data N/A
33 Name/SAN Verification Inbound
34 Payroll Deductions Outbound
36 Appointment Account Code Outbound N/A
37 Position Account Code Outbound N/A
38 Update Employee Cost Distribution Inbound
39 Update Position Cost Distribution Inbound
40 3rd Party Vendor Payments N/A
41 OFM Voucher Payment System Outbound
42 Same Sex Domestic Partner Calculation N/A
43 Security N/A
44 Terminated/Leave Union Deductions Outbound
46 Retirement Transmittal Outbound
47 SSN Verify Outbound Outbound
49 Contingency Interface N/A
50 Bridging Interface N/A

Interface Design

Master Value List

Note: The following list is designed to provide the field values for all interfaces and is used in conjunction with the specifications provided in the Interface Design Index above.

Interface DataMap Reference Name Posted Interface DataMap Reference Name Posted
Absence Types 03/17/05 IT0167 Dependent Coverage --
Action-and-Action-Reason 08/09/13 IT0377 Benefit Plan --
Action Types 03/06/13 Marital Status  03/21/08
Address Residence County Code -- Measuring Unit --
Address Type -- Membership Type --
Appointment Status 04/29/13 Military Veteran Status --
Appointment Type 03/17/05 Object on Loan --
Bank Control Key -- Office Region 03/17/05
Bond Denomination 03/17/05 Pay Scale Reason for Change 08/09/13
Bond Series -- Pay Scale Type and Area 06/12/15
Business Area 09/26/08 Pay Structure 03/03/14
Communication Types -- Payroll Area --
Compensation Pay Scales 08/09/13 Phone Type --
Contract Type 06/24/09 Probationary Period Unit --
Country Main -- Professional License 03/17/05
County Code -- Quota Types --
Date Type 10/25/11 Race Category Code 09/30/08
Education and Training 03/17/05 Residence Identification Type --
Educational Establishment 03/21/08 Residence Status --
EEO Exempt Indicator -- Second Program Grouping 03/21/08
EEO Job Category 07/28/08 Service Type --
EE Subgroup Listing 06/01/12 Status Code 03/17/05
Employment Status -- Task Type 10/25/11
Enrollment Status -- Time Administrator 08/09/13
Enterprise Personnel Structure 03/03/14 Time Mgt Status --
Ethnic Origin Code 09/30/08 Time Specifications --
Ethnicity New Code 09/30/08 Veteran Status 05/09/08
Gender Key -- Work Assignment County --
Handicap -- Work Permit --
IT0023 Job Category -- Work Site --
IT0167 Benefit Plan 09/29/08    


Removed Data  
Benefit Investment NA
Family Member NA 
Benefit Plan See Crosswalk
IT0167 Health Plan Option NA
IT0377 Option Misc Plan NA
Reason For Action (Term) NA
Salary Rate Unit NA
Salary Unit Type NA
Wage Type See Crosswalk
Work Schedules See Crosswalk
Workers Comp NA
Working Week NA

Crosswalk TableThese Crosswalks were used during conversion and have not been updated since then. To see all current values for the HRMS environment interfaces, use the Master Value List above. 

Updated: 11/19/10

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