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Tips and Instructions for Professional Users

The following information can help you learn more about best systems practices to avoid issues that other system users have encountered.

HRMS in General

  • Yellow messages in SAP provide information about the entries you are making. If a message indicates something you don't want to happen, do not save the change or update. If the message doesn't ring any bells, continue using the GREEN check until it tells you to save.
  • Check all dates on your screen. Remember, SAP is effective dated, so dates will determine the timing of any changes you have entered. As you work through an action, click the "green check" after every entry and before you save any changes.
  • Run pay simulations after completing any master data updates to make sure the Employee still processes correctly through payroll. To ensure that changes to employee records will process, complete actions all the way through. If hand-offs are necessary to complete an action, make sure each hand-off is made. Use the "match code" to ensure that you select the valid value that best fits.
  • Double click on any Error Message (RED X on the bottom of your screen) for information on correcting the situation or finding its cause. If you run into difficulty when working through a question, check your training materials.
  • Mid Period Transfers. If transfers take place on the first or sixteenth of the month, HRMS provides a clean, fully automated transition between two agencies or sub-agencies. Moving employees in the middle of a pay period is possible, but requires many extra steps to ensure that the costs of employee earnings and deductions are distributed to the correct cost accounts.
  • Deleting infotypes (or actions). If you want to correct a previous change, you should copy the infotype you wish to correct, re-enter its previous values, and enter an effective date for the beginning of the period in which you made the change. 

Personnel Administration and Organizational Management

  • When Reallocating positions, make sure that the org unit is properly related to the Job then to the Position.
  • Use the drop down to move between transactions and still keep the same employee. For instance, when moving from PA20 --> PA30 --> PA40 with the same employee, you can use the dropdown "HR master data."
  • When doing a "New Hire" make sure to check in HRMS for existing personnel number, or SSNs, and contact the WaTech Support Center to check in the Data Warehouse to see if the person was a state employee, terminated prior to the implementation of HRMS.
  • Backing out of a New Hire Action, this will cause a Red Line in payroll. If this happens, you must call the WaTech Support Center to have a Central User delete this PERNR (Personnel No.).


  • Run the Flexible Employee Data Report (ZHR_RPTPAN02) and/or Logged Infotype Changes (S_AHR_61016380) before every payroll to check for any incomplete actions.
  • Run agency specific reports prior to a payroll run to make sure all employees are going to be paid properly. When running any report, CREATE variants and reuse them in future pay periods.
  • When you change a garnishment, you must change it on both IT0194 and IT0195. These must match before the garnishment will be taken.
  • When in "Display Log," Do Not run a Pay Simulation on more then 5 people.
  • When creating Garnishments, Do Not use Vendor 999999 with any Category other than "W Writ." If used with any vendor it will error out in AFRS.


  • Absences automatically deduct from Quota Balances after they are transferred via ZCAT6.
  • If using a 24x7 work schedule (R030) for a salaried employee, you must create a corresponding WT 1223 that specifies hours available in the period. (We recommend against using this work schedule for salaried employees.)
  • When entering compensation time for the period in which it was earned, you must enter the hours, transfer using ZCAT6, run Time Evaluation (PT50) then enter the Absence in CAT2.
  • Using a 24x7 work schedule (R030) for salaried employees.
  • Using "REPLACE" when doing a Quota correction. Unless you truly need to replace a balance use Change, Increase or Decrease along with the option "transfer collected entitlement immediately."


  • When setting up a new employee who has yet to select a retirement plan (P2 or P3), enter "2N" as the Plan Choice Code.
  • If you verify that an employee is already established in a retirement system (checking the DRS website), you do not enter a Plan Choice Code.
  • If the new employee chooses a retirement plan (P2 or P3) – the Plan Choice Code must be completed (2C or 3C).
  • If you terminate an employee or execute a Group 1 to Group 2 transfer, be sure to delimit the retirement plan, deferred compensation, health and dental plans.
  • If in the last pay period of month, you terminate an employee or execute a transfer between two Group 1 agencies, you must do an offset entry for employee (WT 2983 and 2984) and employer (WT 2550) health costs.
  • If, during Group 2 conversion, you have employee records that need to be manually converted and set up in HRMS, be sure to select the pretax flag.

Master Value List

Note: The following list is designed to provide the field values for all interfaces and is used in conjunction with the specifications provided in the Interface Design Index above.

Interface DataMap Reference Name Posted Interface DataMap Reference Name Posted
Absence Types 03/17/05 IT0167 Dependent Coverage --
Action-and-Action-Reason 08/09/13 IT0377 Benefit Plan --
Action Types 03/06/13 Marital Status  03/21/08
Address Residence County Code -- Measuring Unit --
Address Type -- Membership Type --
Appointment Status 04/29/13 Military Veteran Status --
Appointment Type 03/17/05 Object on Loan --
Bank Control Key -- Office Region 03/17/05
Bond Denomination 03/17/05 Pay Scale Reason for Change 08/09/13
Bond Series -- Pay Scale Type and Area 06/12/15
Business Area 09/26/08 Pay Structure 03/03/14
Communication Types -- Payroll Area --
Compensation Pay Scales 08/09/13 Phone Type --
Contract Type 06/24/09 Probationary Period Unit --
Country Main -- Professional License 03/17/05
County Code -- Quota Types --
Date Type 10/25/11 Race Category Code 09/30/08
Education and Training 03/17/05 Residence Identification Type --
Educational Establishment 03/21/08 Residence Status --
EEO Exempt Indicator -- Second Program Grouping 03/21/08
EEO Job Category 07/28/08 Service Type --
EE Subgroup Listing 06/01/12 Status Code 03/17/05
Employment Status -- Task Type 10/25/11
Enrollment Status -- Time Administrator 08/09/13
Enterprise Personnel Structure 03/03/14 Time Mgt Status --
Ethnic Origin Code 09/30/08 Time Specifications --
Ethnicity New Code 09/30/08 Veteran Status 05/09/08
Gender Key -- Work Assignment County --
Handicap -- Work Permit --
IT0023 Job Category -- Work Site --
IT0167 Benefit Plan 09/29/08    

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