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The WaTech Support Center is the point of contact for users who have questions or need assistance with the Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Customer Service Specialists are available to provide support and resolution to reported incidents by end users while also building a knowledge base of issues and solutions for future reference. We use an incident management system within the agency to log, track and monitor these incidents.

When to Ask for Help

If you are unsure how to complete a transaction, do not continue using the "best guess method." Please ask for Help! Because HRMS maintains a history of the actions entered into the system, trying various attempts often creates a complex situation and can prove difficult for us to unravel. The importance of this history grows even more due to the automation of retroactive transactions.

It is important that you know in advance how to process a transaction. If you are at all unclear or uncertain about how to process a transaction, before you start:

  • Review the process in your training materials and check OLQR.
  • Consult with your agency help desk; or
  • If you are still uncertain, call the WaTech Support Center at (360) 407-9100 or email support@watech.wa.gov.

    Note: It is far easier to guide you through the correct action than it is to undo a series of incorrect actions.

The WaTech Support Center is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For after hour service, customers may leave voicemail or email messages that will be answered the next working day.

Location and directions:

1500 Jefferson Street
Olympia, WA  98501
Map (PDF file)