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When a dispute between a represented employee or a group of represented employees and the Employer is not resolved in an informal manner, a formal complaint called a grievance, may be filed by a Union on behalf of the employee or group of employees. The grievance procedure is a formal process for problem resolution. The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is used to track each step of the grievance from the time it is filed until it is closed.

This page contains instructional materials that describe how end users should perform basic tasks in the HRMS grievance infotype. 

User Procedures Transaction Code Date
Grievance - Create PA30 11/03/10 
Grievance - Copy    PA30 12/02/11
Grievance - Change PA30 06/06/11
Grievance - Close     PA30 01/22/13
Grievance - Delete PA30



Course Manuals Date
HRMS Grievance Tracking 10/29/12


Grievance Reports

Grievance Articles Trend Report via Portal  02/05/13  
Grievance Detail Agency Report via Portal 02/05/13
Grievance Details Agency Report via Portal  03/26/13
Grievance History Report via Portal 02/05/13
Grievance Master Agreement Report via Portal 02/05/13
Grievance Totals by Agency Report via Portal  02/05/13
Grievance Reporting via Portal Additional Features    02/05/13
Grievance Reporting via BEx      07/25/12


Additional Grievance Information Date
Grievance- Bypass a step 08/16/12
Grievance - Customize Table View 08/16/12
Grievance Time Extension/Pending a Grievance     08/16/12
Grievance Tracking - Agency Level Steps 1-3  07/29/11
Grievance Tracking - Panel Process  07/29/11

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