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This page provides a list of different reports generated in Human Resource Management System (HRMS). These reports offer step-by-step processes on how to access, view, run, and create custom reports to meet agency specific needs.

  • Date Selection for Reports
    Provides a description of each different Time Period Indicator (date selection) available when running reports in HRMS.
  • HRMS Reports Job Aids
    A list of HRMS reports with information on when to use and run them.
  • Statewide Variant List
    DOP created a list of all State Wide Variants which begin with "SWV" prefix in HRMS to help users save time and get consistent results when running reports. Specific information has been defined and saved so the same types of data will display each time the variant is used.

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HRMS Reports Transaction Code Date
3rd Party Reconciliation   *new* ZHR_RPTFI0001_URMR 04/20/17
3rd Party Reconciliation PC00_M99_URMR 08/30/06
941 Quarterly Report PU19 11/04/08
Running Reports in the Background Running Reports in the Background 01/07/13
Accrued and Mandatory Payroll Deductions ZHR_RPTPY010 02/21/07
Actions ZHR_RPTPA457 08/13/07
Active Employees with No Retirement Deductions Taken ZHR_RPTPY024 09/22/06
Annual Sick Leave Buyout Reports and Process ZHR_RPTPY681 03/11/09
Attendance System Change ZHR_RPTTM084 04/19/12
Authorized Positions Report  ZHR_RPYTOM090 01/22/09
C   Top
CATS Display Working Time CATS_DA 11/16/06
Corrections and Returns  ZHR_RPTPY151 07/11//12
Cost Distribution - Employee (IT0027)  ZHR_RPTFI0027 05/21/10
D   Top
Date Specifications Report  ZHR_RPTPA765 05/30/12
Display Leave Requests ZRPTARQDBVIEW 03/20/14
Display Pay Grade Structure S_AHR_6101554 07/29/09
Display Pay Scale Structure S_AHR_6101556 07/29/09
E   Top
Earnings and Deductions Statement ZHR_RPTPY711 06/26/07
EFT Employee Letter  *Updated* ZHR_RPTPY713 07/19/12
Employee Basic Pay IT 8 History Report ZHR_RPTPAIT08 08/14/09
Employee Basic Pay IT 8 Report by Personnel Area ZHR_RPTPAIT08 08/10/09
Employee Basic Pay IT 8 Report by Specified Time Frame ZHR_RPTPAIT08 08/10/09
Employee Cost Distribution - Withdrawn Employees ZHR_RPTFI0027 & PA30 08/29/13
Employee Duty Station Reports ZHR_RPTPA805 09/29/19
Employee Position and Status Report  ZHR_RPTPA231 7/27/11
Employee Year To Date Register ZHR_RPTPY646 09/22/06
EMS Employee  ZHR_RPTPA802 06/25/13
Exemption Expiration Report *new*  S_PH9_46000360  01/22/15
Existing Organizational Units S_AHR_61016491 08/17/09
Existing Positions S_AHR_61016502 08/17/09


Federal Employer Identification Numbers ZHR_RPTPY061 11/30/07
Flexible Employee Data - Next Increase Date ZHR_RPTPAN02 07/28/09
Flexible Employee Data - Indirect Value ZHR_RPTPAN02 07/27/09
Flexible Employee Data - IRS Mandates    ZHR_RPTPAN02 06/26/12
Flexible Employee Data ZHR_RPTPAN02 06/03/08
Free Search PA20, PA30 01/31/07
G   Top
Garnishment Details S_AHR_61016146 04/03/07
H   Top
Health Care Activity Report *NEW* ZHR_RPTBNN36 02/23/16
How to Identify Position to Position (B002) Relationships Report - S_AHR_61016528 02/03/11
L   Top
Leave Activity Summary Report ZHR_RPTTM398 04/27/10
Leave Requests Check ZRPTARQLIST 03/20/14
 Leave Requests: Process Posting Errors ZRPTARQERR 03/20/14
List Employees Related by Reference Personnel Number ZHR_RPTPYU38 08/18/09
Logged Changes in Infotype Data  *Updated* S_AHR_61016380 09/14/15
M   Top
Medical Aid Detail Report ZHR_RPTPY394 03/02/11
Medical Aid Rates by Override Group ZHR_RPTPYU05 08/28/06
Movement and Turnover ZHR_RPTPYU26 08/30/2016
N   Top
Negative Summary Records ZHR_RPTPY455 09/27/06
Negative Tax per Federal EIN ZHR_RPTPY600 09/22/06
Non-State Employee  
*See Date Specifications Report*
*See Date Specifications Report*
O   Top
OM - Abolished Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Audit-All Positions, Org/Job Changes ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/04/09
OM- Changes for Job Class    ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Changes for Org Unit ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Changes for Position ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM- Display Change Documents ZHR_RPTOMN02 06/29/12
OM - New Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Positions Reallocated ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Positions Transferred ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09
OM - Staffing Assignments         S_AHR_61016503 04/17/12
OM - Vacant Positions ZHR_RPTOMN01 11/02/09


Payroll Journal Voucher ZHR_RPTPY376 08/21/09
Payroll Journal ZHR_RPTPYN33 09/27/06
Payroll Posting    ZHR_RPTPY126 07/16/13
Payroll Reconciliation Report *new* PC00_M10_REC 01/28/15
Payroll Results Table PC_PAYRESULT 10/02/06
Payroll Simulation PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 08/07/09
    Find Overpayments PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 03/27/12
Payroll Simulation- Correction Run  PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 11/28/12
Payroll Simulation Validate RPCIPE Error Corrections PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU 01/08/13
Payroll Threshold ZHR_RPTPYN09 08/02/12
Periodic Increment and Longevity Increase Historical Report ZHR_RPTPA804 09/23/14
Periodic Increment and Longevity Increase Projection Report ZHR_RPTPA803 10/28/14
Position Cost Distribution Report 1018 ZHR_RPTFI1018 12/05/16
Position Description Report S_AHR_61016511 01/26/09
Position - Duty Station Reports ZHR_RPTOMN04 09/29/16
Position- Identify Position to Position Relationships S_AHR_61016528 02/03/11
Preemptive Basic Data Check ZHR_RPTPYN06 04/30/09
Preemptive Compensation Data Check ZHR_RPTPYN08 06/10/09
Preemptive Time Data Check ZHR_RPTPYN07 09/22/06
R   Top
Reference Personnel Numbers S_AHR_61016358 02/13/07
Retro Date Exception ZHR_RPTPYN36 05/21/10
S   Top
Shared Leave - Career Total PT_BAL00 08/03/10
Spool_File SP01 10/07/08


Task Monitoring S_PH0_48000450 05/22/08
Tax Exempt Status ZHR_RPTPY661 04/29/11
Telephone Directory S_AHR_61016354 03/12/12
Time Leveling CATC 08/05/10
Time Spent in each Pay Scale Area/Type/Group/Level S_AHR_61016356 07/26/13
V   Top
Vacant Positions S_AHR_61016509 03/16/10
Variants - Create and Retrieve PDF 10/11/06
W   Top
W-4 Withholding Allowance Report *new* S_PH9_46000361 01/22/15
Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts PC00_M99_DKON 05/23/07
Wage Type Reporter PC00_M99_CWTR 04/28/11
Wage Type Reports *new* ZHR_RPTPY004 06/15/17
Wages not subject to OASI Medicare ZHR_RPTPY632 08/04/09
Warrant/ACH Register and Summary ZHR_RPTPY635 08/20/10
WMS Activity Report ZHR_RPTOMN03 06/25/13
WMS Employee ZHR_RPTPA802 06/25/13

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