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This is an archived page.

Some links may be broken. This website served as the primary source of information for all 2015 year-end processes and activities.

Note: The 2016 Year End site was composed of several web pages. For archival purposes, all of those pages are combined here.

What's New

Tips for a smooth Year End processing cycle

  • Plan to attend the Personnel/Payroll Association(link is external) meeting on Nov. 9th.
  • Reconcile and correct data that may impact 2016 wage and tax reporting information as early as possible.
  • Research and correct employees who were locked out from the previous payroll. This includes employees that are currently inactive.
  • Prepare Master Data updates for the current period as early as possible. Master Data updates for the December 24th pay period should be completed by close of business December 19, 2016.
  • Execute payroll simulations for all master data updates and check for claims, redlines and funding issues.
  • Reserve Day 3 for corrections, not for entering new data.
  • Visit the 2016 Year End Schedule to help plan your agency processing strategy.

The schedule below outlines 2016 year end processing activities through January 2017.

Note: Schedule is subject to change, please review periodically.

Normal HRMS System Availability: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mon. - Sat.

2016 Agency Year End Checklist


Date 2016 Year End Processing & Preparations

Oct. 13

1st run of EVS Verification Report (See Year End SSV page)
Nov. 9
Personnel/Payroll Association (PPA) Meeting, 9:00am - 12:00pm-- Includes review of year end activities (PPA Web page(link is external))
Nov. 10
2nd run  EVS Verification Report (See Year End SSV page)
Dec. 9
Research and correct employees locked out of 12/10 payroll
​Dec. 15
Final Off Cycle Workbench Cutoff for 2016
Last day for Cancellations
Dec. 16
Complete Master Data updates for current period
  Execute payroll simulations -- check for claims and redlines
  Execute Preemptive Reports:
ZHR_RPTPYN06 -- Basic Data Check
ZHR_RPTPYN07 -- Time Data Check
ZHR_RPTPYN08 -- Compensation Data Check 
  Day 1 -- Normal Schedule for HRMS System availability
Dec. 19
Review payroll and financial errors
  Day 2 -- Normal Schedule for HRMS System availability
  Execute Payroll Threshold Report
Dec. 20
Day 3 -- Normal Schedule for HRMS System availability
  Execute Reports
ZHR_RPTPYN09 -- Payroll Threshold Report
ZHR_RPTPYN33 -- Payroll Journal (review gross to net)
ZHR_RPTBNN03 -- Report for GAP N03 (review retirement exceptions)
ZHR_RPTBNN29 -- Retirement Contributions (review EEs with missing retirement rate %) 
  Review payroll and financial errors  (both Day 2 errors and after the noon payroll run)
Dec. 21
Day 4 -- Normal Schedule for HRMS System availability
  Research employees locked out of the 12/24 payroll
Dec. 23    
Sick Leave Buyout -- 1st Test Reports
​Dec. 27
3rd run EVS Verification Report (See Year End SSV page)
Jan. 4, 2017
Recommended deadline for Manual Year-to-Date (YTD) Adjustments for 2016 to be included on Form W-2:  Reminder:  This includes manual adjustments for Other State withholding taxes
  Verify that employees' mailing addresses on IT0006 are current ​and ​not end dated.
Jan. 5
WaTech to deactivate Tax Reporter role -- last minute YTD manual entries will need to be completed before Tax Reporter role is deactivated.  Reminder:  This includes manual adjustments for Other State withholding taxes
Jan. 6
Start statewide W-2 processing
  Sick Leave Buyout -- 2nd Test Reports
Jan. 9
2017 LNI rates implemented
Jan. 13
Sick Leave Buyout-- Final Processing
Jan. 13
Target date for WaTech to reactivate Tax Reporter Role
Jan. 19
Agencies complete Manual YTD Adj. to be included on 941. Remember to check if a W2C will be required. Adjustments will not be included on W2 processed by WaTech on January 7.
  Execute the fourth quarter 2016 Federal Tax Report form 941. All manual YTD adjustments input after executing your agency's IRS 941 2016 production run will not be included. Please verify the manual adjustments through the Tax Reporter Log Manager (manual adjustments ignored).

Year End Resources

Find instructions and information relating to the following year end topics in the Online Quick Reference (OLQR).

*PU19 Tax Reporter --  If you need to see a W-2, use one of the following:

  • Current Year -- Select the Test tab, fill in the Personnel numbers, and click on line or background
  • Previous Year -- Select the Production tab and click on the print copy button only

Beware: If a production W-2 or W-3 is executed, stop the transaction and contact the Support Center immediately.

Year End Sick Leave Buyout

Under WAC 357 31 150(link is external), in accordance with the attendance incentive program established by RCW 41.04.340(link is external), employees are eligible to be paid for accrued sick leave as follows:

In January of each year, an employee whose sick leave balance at the end of the previous year exceeds four hundred eighty hours may elect to convert the sick leave hours earned in the previous calendar year, minus those hours used during the year, to monetary compensation.

2016 Sick Leave Buyout - Messages, information, and tools

Year End Social Security Verification

The Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) is one of the services offered by Social Security Administration's (SSA) Business Services Online (BSO). It allows registered users (employers and certain third-party submitters) to verify the names and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of employees against SSA records.

Verification Results Code - The following is the list of FAILED verification codes.

  • 1 = SSN not in file (never issued).
  • 3 = Name matches; DOB does not match.
  • 5 = Name does not match; DOB not checked.
  • 6 = SSN did not verify; other reason.

Agency Action: You will be notified when you need to run the  EVS Verification Failure Report (also refer to the 2016 Year End Processing Schedule).

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