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Enterprise Output Manager (EOM) is a Windows-based application that accepts electronic print files from various hosts (S/390, Unisys, Unix, Windows, etc.) and distributes the data to the destination of your choice (PCs, file servers, mainframes, email systems, printers, websites, or user programs). EOM's approach is to distribute then print, rather than print and distribute.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Print to any printer ranging from entry-level matrix printers to high-speed production laser printers
  • Format and enhance your output by adding electronic forms, dynamic font changes, and barcodes
  • Route data automatically to e-mail, fax, file server, Web servers, microfiche, user application programs and printers
  • View data online before printing
  • Index and archive data


  • Significantly reduce the cost of printed output
  • Save on storage costs
  • Preview information to avoid errors
  • Centralize output management
  • Lower hardware cost

Fees for Service: 

The Enterprise Output Solutions (EOS) allows full control over the capture, storage, and distribution of reports from the time of creation until they are no longer needed.

The Enterprise Output Manager (EOM) Service is free. EOM’s approach is to distribute information to the print destination of your choice.

Description Fee
EOM usage No charge
Desktop printing on your local printer in conjunction with EOM usage No charge
IBM 4000 high speed laser printing in conjunction with EOM usage $0.046 per page, plus paper cost

Pre-Service Requirements: 

Service Contact: 

855.WaTech1 or 360.586.1000