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The State of Washington Office of Cyber Security (OCS) offers digital forensic services to state, local and tribal governments to meet growing demand for help in performing investigations and in recovering lost data from a device.

Forensic Services investigates the potential misuse of digital resources, and provides customers with detailed, factual reporting of artifacts analyzed.  Investigation areas includes email, internet usage, cell phone texts, instant messaging, social media applications, and any other files or documents created on the device(s).  Data recovery can include files from traditional computer workstations or mobile devices.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Independent: Provides an independent, third-party investigation.
  • Analysis: Provides forensic expertise needed to investigate potential misuse of resources as well as analysis and interpretation of the evidence collected.
  • Investigator Training: Trains agency IT staff how to secure digital information required in an investigation.
  • Team handles all aspects of the digital investigation, allowing HR staff to focus on core responsibilities.
  • Clear, concise investigative report is provided, laying out findings.
  • Court expert with certification and experience available to provide expert testimony at legal proceedings. 

Fees for Service: 

  • Just Cause Investigation - $1850 per computer / $375 per mobile device
  • Post Investigation Consulting - $185 per hour

How to Order: 

Please submit a service request to the WaTech Support Center –  You can also request more information about the Digital Forensic Services by submitting the Digital Forensic Services (DFS)  request form.

Contact Information: 

David Morris
(360) 407-9008