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WaTech Design Review Process gives agencies the opportunity to review strategies for implementing new technology, or strategies for modifying existing services that interact with the following systems: the State Government Network (SGN), the InterGovernmental Network (IGN), statewide systems, and the state’s security infrastructure.

The process analyzes both internal and external system modifications. WaTech then prepares a formal summary, which typically takes one to two weeks to research, prepare, and review with the customer.

This summary is a valuable resource for customers to use in negotiations and discussions with business managers, third parties, and other government organizations. It also provides a formal record of the strategic and architectural intent of the project. 

Fees for Service: 

There are no additional fees for Network Security Design Review, since Network Security Design Review is part of the Enterprise Security Infrastructure service. Fees associated with Enterprise Security Infrastructure are explained below.

The Enterprise Security Infrastructure is an allocation fee to agencies. The formula for this fee was constructed in coordination with the impacted agencies in an effort to recoup costs for infrastructure that is expensed to WaTech which provides benefit to the state enterprise. This allocation is a monthly fee based upon two components: a base rate for agencies with more than 50 FTE’s and a fee per FTE.

All agencies with 50+ FTEs pay a base fee of $2,000 plus a per FTE fee.

Pre-Service Requirements: