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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) use the Internet to carry data between distant locations and an organization’s main network. Data moving over a VPN connection is secure because it is encrypted in transit. WaTech offers both User VPN Services and Office VPN Services.


Features and Benefits: 

User VPN Services

VPNs can provide mobile workers access to your network from any location via the Internet.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPNs allow your staff to securely connect to your agency, or state resources, from any computer using only the Internet browser. There is no need to install special software. The SSL-VPN service is customized to meet your agency’s needs. SecurID® tokens are used for user identification.

Office VPN Services

VPNs provide a secure, cost-effective way to connect small or branch offices to your agency’s main network using a locally provided Internet connection. Your agency’s primary network location must be on the State Government Network (SGN) or the Intergovernmental Network (IGN).

Small Branch Office VPN Service supports a small, remote office of 2-10 employees. This allows up to 13 network devices (such as PCs, servers or printers) to connect.

Large Branch Office VPN Service supports 10-250 employees. It is recommended to have a design review meeting with WaTech to plan the best solution for your needs for Large Branch Office VPN Service.

Device-to-Device (site-to-site) VPN Service allows a server, host, or device to communicate with another server, host, or device over a secured VPN channel. This service is designed to support the automated, system, or batch transfer of data between two devices. (For example: an agency might collect data electronically in the field and transmit it back to a data center for compilation.)

Fees for Service: 

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service is billed monthly as a rated subscription service. Billing occurs only in the months when services are provided.

Description Fee

User VPN Services
One Time Setup Fee (for agency initial setup) $180 one-time fee at service initiation
Monthly User Fee Hardware Token / $17.45 per month
Software/Mobile Token / $9.00 per month
Certificates* / $6.00 per month
*only available to domain-joined, state-owned workstations

Office VPN Services
One Time Setup Fee (for agency initial setup) $180 one-time fee at service initiation
Branch Office VPN Service Monthly Fee (Addresses Used, Customer / WaTech Owned Equipment) 16 - $185 / $250 per month
32 - $300 / $400 per month
64 - $370 / $500 per month
255 - $600 / $600 per month
Site-to-Site VPN Service Monthly Fee $185 per month

Pre-Service Requirements: 

State Government Network (SGN) or the Intergovernmental Network (IGN)

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