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WaTech offers reliable, quality hosting options for websites of all sizes. Shared servers are available through WaTech for small, less complex websites. Complex and active sites can be hosted on leased virtual servers. Customers have the option of either Linux or Windows web platforms for large or small websites.

Features and Benefits: 

  • System administration and operation by experienced Linux and Windows technicians
  • A distinct URL (such as www.xyz.wa.gov or (“city.ci.wa.us”available for an added cost)
  • Standard Opt-in activity reporting of your website(s), produced with WaTech-Webanalytics software

All websites on the shared servers receive these basic services:

  • L.A.M.P  (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based web server or W.I.M.N  (Windows, IIS, MsSQL, .NET) hosting platforms
  • Database supported by MySQL or MsSQL Servers
  • Opt-in performance monitoring monthly web usage reports and statistics (requires added tracking tag)
  • Access to experienced Linux and Windows technicians
  • Performance monitoring monthly usage reports and statistics
  • Access to experienced Linux/Unix and Windows technicians
  • Service guarantee of 99.5 percent application and server availability
  • Data center operations monitored 24 hours a day
  • 24 x 7 Service Desk Support
  • Ongoing tuning and load balancing
  • Purchasing, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of WaTech data center hardware and software
  • Backup and on-site recovery operations

Fees for Service: 

Description Fee
One-time setup fee $60
Basic (0-20 MB Web Storage) $20 per month
Standard (21-100 MB Web Storage) $60 per month
Intermediate (101-500 MB Web Storage) $200 per month
Advanced (501 MB to 2 GB Web storage) $400 per month
Additional Web Storage above 2 GB $100 per month, per additional GB
Redirect Page $20 per month

How to Order: 

New customers:

Current Customers: