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WaTech Enterprise Reporting offers Business Intelligence tools for state agency customers who need flexibility and control over their data. These tools provide the ability to “slice and dice” financial and human resource data for targeted analysis.

Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence (WebI) gives our customers the ability to run self-service, flexible, ad hoc reports. WebI differs from standard reporting available on the Enterprise Reporting web portal in that it allows customers to create ad hoc queries for data analysis rather than a static, pre-formatted report.

With this tool, customers can drill down to more detail, merge data from different data sources, create formulas, sort, filter, and display data in charts. Results may be viewed on the web or exported to other formats such as PDF or MS Excel.

WebI provides access to the following data sources:

  • Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS) Financial Data

  • AFRS Daily Payments

  • AFRS Titles

  • Enterprise Contract Management System (ECMS)

  • Statewide Vendor

HRMS Business Explorer / HRMS Enterprise Portal

HRMS Business Explorer (BEx) and the HRMS Enterprise Portal provide access to the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and AFRS; including Human Resource, Payroll, Time, Grievance, and AFRS Payroll information.

  • HRMS BEx: Similar to WebI, BEx gives customers the ability to run self-service, flexible, ad hoc reports.
  • HRMS Enterprise Portal: Similar to the Enterprise Reporting web portal, the HRMS Enterprise Portal is a central repository of pre-formatted HR/Payroll/Time/Grievance reports that have been created for quick reporting and analysis.

Both tools provide flexibility and give agencies the ability to drill down to more detail, sort, filter, and add/remove fields. BEx ad hoc queries can be viewed on the web or in MS Excel. HRMS Enterprise Portal reports are displayed on the web, and the results may be exported to other formats such MS Excel or CSV.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I’m already a WebI, HRMS BEx, or HRMS Enterprise Portal user and would like assistance with Business Intelligence tools. Who do I contact?

How do I log on to HRMS BEx?
You must log in from the SAP HRMS Logon Pad. SAP and Business Explorer Suite must be installed on your PC to log in to BEx.

How do I gain access to the HRMS BEx and HRMS Enterprise Portal?
Submit your request to your agency supervisor. Once approved, they can work with your agency security administrator to obtain access and setup permissions.