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Please note that this information is for government and nonprofit customers. If you are a vendor, please visit Doing Business with the State or Log into WEBS (for vendors). The Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) system is used by customers to solicit bids and by businesses to compete for contracts. Customers are state agencies, federal, local and tribal governments, state higher education institutions, and qualified nonprofit organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I am getting an error message that says invalid account/login failed. What should I do?
Instructions for two types of errors, “Invalid Account/Login Failed,” and “Specified User Account Invalid,” can be found at WEBS for Government and Non-Profits.

What should I do if a SPAM filter is blocking messages from WEBS?
Information on what to do can be found at WEBS for Government and Non-Profits.

How do I post a bid amendment/bid extension?
Information on posting bid amendments and extensions can befound atWEBS for Government and Non-Profits.

Reference Materials: 

Phone: 855.WaTech1 or 360.586.1000

Email: Support@watech.wa.gov