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Q: Can we bring our own address allocation, or will WaTech provide an allocation? If so, at what cost?

A: No, Per OCIO Policy 300 and Technology Standard 185.20, all agencies are required to receive an allocation from WaTech, which will be provided at no cost.

Q. Can our agency use these addresses however we want?

A. Yes, with one exception: WaTech will be providing all of the link addresses (transit/peering) between WaTech and Customer Devices.  In addition, WaTech strongly recommends agencies take advantage of IPv6 training opportunities to develop a sound IPv6 addressing plan to avoid expensive rework in the future.

Q: How many IPv6 addresses will my agency receive?

A: All agencies will receive a /36 block, or about 18 quintillion addresses.  

Q: Who is the point of contact to inquire/request IPv6 allocation/information?

A: Contact the Enterprise Data Network (EDN) Manager Cesar Rivera at cesar.rivera@watech.wa.gov.

Q: When will WaTech be providing IPv6 services on their core Network?

A: By June 30, 2021.

Q. When are agencies supposed to be using IPv6 and IPv4 decommissioned?

A. Per OCIO Policy 300, all agencies must migrate to IPv6 by December 2025.

Q: Does my agency have to make the transition to IPv6 to continue using WaTech services?

A: WaTech will run Dual-Stack for the foreseeable future, but OCIO Policy 300 requires agencies to complete migration by December 2025.

Q. When should my agency begin planning for migration to IPv6?

A. The sooner the better as a full migration could take several years.  OCIO Policy 300 requires agencies to define a migration plan and report completion of that plan to the OCIO by December 2020.  Further, each agency must report their migration status as part of the Annual Technology Certification Process.

Q.  What if my agency is not able to complete the IPv6 migration by December 2025, as required by OCIO Policy 300?

A.  Consult OCIO Policy 103 – Technology Policy and Standards Waiver Request, for instructions on how to request a waiver to Policy 300.