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Domain Naming Services (DNS)

WaTech Domain Naming Service (DNS) is available to all agencies connected to the State Government Network (SGN) or the IntraGovernmental Network (IGN).

Washington State administers the and domains.

The sub-domain is now available to cities and counties – it had previously been available only to state agencies, boards, and commissions. Local governments currently use a variety of domain names, such as or Cities...Read more


In today’s business environment, collaboration with team members inside and outside your organization is essential. SharePoint Service 2013 provides these opportunities and helps your staff collaborate. SharePoint organizes all of your shared information, tasks, events, and more – whether you’re working with a team of six or an interagency community of hundreds.

If your agency is on the State Government Network (SGN) and using the Enterprise Active Directory (EAD), you’re ready to...Read more

Usability Lab

The state-of-the-art Usability Lab located at WaTech headquarters in Olympia helps state and local government and qualified non-profits create usable websites and applications by conducting studies involving real users.

This one-of-a-kind service provides the space and equipment to conduct studies where users provide valuable input during the entire development process. The WaTech Usability Lab supports a diverse range of activities including card sorts, focus groups, paper...Read more

User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the overall feeling or experience that a person has when using something. It includes how easy it is to use, how satisfying the experience is, whether it is useful or not, and how well it meets the person’s needs.

Regardless of whether your product is an external or internal-facing website or system, has four users or four thousand, making an investment in ensuring a positive UX can yield many benefits.Read more

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility is the design and development of websites, web applications, digital documents and hypermedia for people who experience disabilities. The concept of accessible design and development ensures both direct and equal access that is compatible with a person's assistive technology including screen readers, alternative input devices or screen magnification.

Census data shows that between 12% and 20% of the U.S. population experience a disability that impacts their use of...Read more

Website Services

Websites are our first and most vital opportunity to reach those who use our services.  Every organization should have a comprehensive, up-to-date website that allows you to engage with your customers.  

We understand that you may not have in-house web expertise, but still need a website that serves your users. WaTech's Website Servicec offer you a modern, usable, accessible, responsive website with no technical expertise required.  We'll build it, host it, maintain it -- you manage...Read more