WaTech Dashboard report for Q4 of FY2019 now available

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WaTech’s latest Dashboard – the quarterly report that shows key agency measurements – is now available for download.

Required by statute, the quarterly Dashboard includes data about service delivery, cost, operational efficiencies, and overall customer satisfaction. It is one of the ways that WaTech tells its story to the governor, legislators and their staffs, and to agency customers.

The Dashboard includes such measurements as network uptime, threats detected by the Office of CyberSecurity, the number of requests for tech help (and how well the agency responded to them), usage of email and Skype, and summary agency finances.

This latest edition features additional content on the mainframe, pointing out how it’s still running strong and processing more data than ever (despite competition from the Cloud). Yet, according to the stats, the mainframe still has the horsepower to handle much more.

Perhaps even more importantly, the Dashboard shows that WaTech ended fiscal year 2019 in the black.  Even after transferring $7.7 million to OFM earlier this year to cover the transfer of about 130 staff (and equipment) to the Office of Financial Management, WaTech ended up with a cash balance of $5.42 million.

You can read all about it by downloading the WaTech Dashboard Q4 – FY2019.