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These sound (.wav format) files are intended for use by Washington state call centers to include in "on hold" messaging patterns to encourage public participation in the 2020 U.S. Census.  Any local government, business or nonprofit is welcome to download the messages as well as they are not specific to any particular region of the state. 

The January - February messages are to let people know the census is coming. The March - April messages are to be played while census taking is under way. The May message is a final reminder to those who have not yet taken the census that it is important to complete.

There are two versions for each period - a "short" and a "long" (as designated in headings). You may choose whichever one best suits your customers and your system needs. The second file for each system has been compressed specifically for call centers using the Avaya phone system. A sample recording can be heard by calling (360) 407-2972.

We offer these messages in English and Spanish. If you require alternative languages for your system please contact For technical assistance uploading the files into your system, please see your system administrator or contact    

More information on Washington state census efforts can be found on the Office of Financial Management website.

January - February

English - 25 seconds

English - 12 seconds

Español - 30 seconds

Español - 14 seconds

March - April

English - 30 seconds

English - 12 seconds

Español - 40 seconds

Español - 16 seconds


English - 20 seconds

English - 15 seconds

Español - 27 seconds

Español - 16 seconds

June - October

English - 25 seconds (.wav file)
Español - 29 seconds (.wav file)