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The following is a list of existing services from WaTech that can help agencies build an environment for a Mobile Workforce.

Equipment for the mobile employee

The degree to which an employee is mobile is heavily influenced by the technology available to your employees. The technology starts with the policy choices agencies make about their equipment standards. Laptops and tablets enable your employees to be mobile, desktops don't.

The pace of change of mobile technology is often greater than the traditional expected life of a desktop reducing the efficiency of employees usually by year two. The OCIO Policy 201 governs Personal Computing (PC) purchases over $20,000. Section 1.2 of the policy describes the refresh cycle required of four years in alignment with the OFM SAAM manual depreciation schedule. However, section 1.2.2 of the OCIO policy allows agencies to deviate from the standard if the business needs require a different refresh cycle. The opportunity cost of not being able to maximize the efficiencies of newer technology can often outweigh depreciating the hardware costs over a longer useful life. A useful life of two years for laptops and other mobile devices instead of the typical four years for desktops may be required.

Wireless service

Map showing wireless locations throughout the stateWireless service in your buildings allow your employees greater mobility as they move from cube, to office, to conference room. No matter where they are in your building, employees can have mobile and secure access to your agency data and applications. However, the WaTech wireless service goes beyond mobility in the office. Agencies using the WaTech wireless services enables employees to transition between different agencies seamlessly giving employees secure access to agency data no matter which agency they are visiting. This map shows the current and in-progress locations of wireless locations throughout the state.

Basic price: $50/access point Learn more...

Secure access when not at work

For the true mobile worker, they often need to connect while not at an agency location. WaTech offers a service to enable employees to securely connect to agency resources while using non-state WiFi connections. The WaTech User VPN Services can give your staff fast and secure remote access to agency and state network resources from any web browser – there is no need for pre-installed client software. There are several solutions available depending on whether employees are using agency provided equipment or their own personal equipment.

Basic price: as low as $6/month Learn more...

If you need a more granulated control over which types of agency services employees can access depending on the device and the employee, you may want to take a look at our Citrix Edge service.

Basic price: as low as $6/month Learn more...

Collaboration tools

Video and web conferencing

WebEx allows your employees to more easily collaborate with other team members regardless of their location. The WebEx suite of communication services includes interactive video conferencing, web collaboration, and audio conferencing from a telephone or computer. Online meetings through WebEx can be used to demonstrate products and services, share presentations, conduct online training sessions, collaborate on documents. The service allows hundreds of people to participate in your meetings.

Basic price: $35/month Learn more...

Team collaboration

Skype for Business connects your employees together using through instant messages, voice and video chat, and desktop sharing. Similar in some ways to the WebEx video conferencing service, Lync is a service that is specifically intended to help employees connect with one another in a more seem less way. From Lync, employees can see if their colleagues are currently available, send chat messages, and instantly initiate a video chat at a click of the button using their laptop or mobile device.

Basic price: $3.50/month Learn more...

Mobile device support

Mobile devices are a key part of any agency strategy for a mobile workforce. The goal is to enable the employees to engage in work no matter where they are located and be readily available for other team members. You also want the agency resources to be secure as well as readily available. WaTech has several services to help agencies manage agency capabilities with mobile devices.

Email sync

Accessing email and calendar events on a smartphone or tablet is one of the first capabilities agencies look to add. WaTech provides a service to help agencies identify which devices are appropriate and secure agency data.

Basic price: no additional charge Learn more...

Management of mobile devices

WaTech also offers a more robust and secure method of managing mobile devices that secures more than just email on the phones. With the growing number of device models, platforms and operating system versions available, agencies can find it hard to keep up with the pace of change in mobile devices.

WaTech provides an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) service that enables agencies to address challenges associated with mobility by providing a simple, efficient way to view and manage all devices from a central administrative console. Our solution enables you to enroll devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices.

With this service you can manage a diverse fleet of Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, Windows PC/RT and Windows Phone devices.

Basic price: $5.50/month Learn more...


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