Planning is underway for Washington state IPv6 migration

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Agency staff within Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) will soon begin planning for a statewide deployment to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).  As part of this process, WaTech has formed a team to assess the enterprise infrastructure for the deployment of IPv6 for the State of Washington and its agency partners. WaTech will also be reaching out to various agency partners to help assess the states infrastructure.   

During this phase, WaTech plans to ask agencies to partner with the team to work on the following activities:

  • Co-developing recommendations on IPv6 sub-netting
  • Partnering with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and WaTech to develop standards for organizing locations using IPv6 addressing schemes
  • Developing a standard for allocating IPv6 addresses to agencies in collaboration with the OCIO

In addition to the above activities, WaTech will be looking internally at:

  • Conducting an inventory and determining IPv6 compatibility for all applications, devices, vendor connections and business partner’s services
  • Assessing the current IP Address Management tool for the allocation of IPv6 addresses
  • Evaluating WaTech’s capacity/performance management tools for IPv6 use
  • Assessing enterprise training opportunities and evaluating testing needs
  • Conducting a security assessment of proposed IPv6 architecture
  • Performing financial analysis to determine requirements for future funding requests

The assessment team is currently working to develop a program charter and schedule.  Future updates on WaTech’s work to migrate Washington state to IPv6 will be provided as the project progresses.