IPv6 Program progress

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Progress to date - April 13, 2021:

Phase 3, October 2019 – June 2021: 80% complete

  • Since initiating Phase 3, the WaTech team has been working diligently towards the transition to IPv6.
  • Initial testing continues. Ongoing testing will occur through the duration of the project.
  • Low Level Design & Implementation Plan is 100% complete.  
  • WaTech internal documentation under review to ensure alignment with IPv4/IPv6 dual stack adoption.
  • WaTech Security and OCS have engaged a consultant to assist in identifying IPv4/IPv6 security implementation tasks.

Phase 2, March 2019 – September 2019: Complete

  • Development of high-level design strategy and design.

Phase 1, 2018 - 2019: Complete

  • Development of standards for organizing locations using IPv6 addressing schemes.
  • Development of standards for allocating IPv6 addresses to agencies in collaboration with the OCIO.
  • An inventory and determination of IPv6 compatibility for all applications, devices, vendor connections and business partner’s services.
  • Assessment of the current IP address management tool for the allocation of IPv6 addresses.
  • Evaluation of WaTech’s capacity/performance management tools for IPv6 use.
  • Assessment of enterprise training opportunities and evaluating testing needs. 
  • A security assessment of proposed IPv6 architecture.
  • Financial analysis to determine requirements for future funding requests.