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Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) is an agency in transformation. The Gartner report issued a challenge to the agency to deliver more value to our customers and the state of Washington. In order to meet that challenge, we needed to better define our core business and streamline our focus so that we can deliver IT services that make sense for Washington.

WaTech’s Core Business Mission – Future State 

Since February 2019, we have been working to develop a roadmap for the agency to deliver on our strategic priorities. We announced our Strategic Roadmap on August 1. The Strategic Roadmap is the blueprint that will guide our work and purpose to improve the agency, rebuild trust with our customers, and deliver value to Washington state.

The decisions that formed the Strategic Roadmap were conceived through input and feedback from our customers and leadership staff, consideration of current and future technology trends and modernization needs, and the research and conclusions from the Gartner report.

Current status - August 1, 2019

  • Roadmap shared with agency staff and customers for review and feedback
  • Stakeholder engagement activities:
    • August 1 – Large agency roundtable
    • August 7 – WaTech Advisory Council
    • August 20 – CIO Forum


We invite you to partner with us as we move forward, and welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions as we transform WaTech into the trusted leader and technology partner of choice.  Please email us with your feedback.