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Page updated 10/09/2019

2019-21 Central Services provided by WaTech

The table below shows WaTech allocations within the OFM Central Service Model level and the individual invoice line level along with the number of customers billed and frequency of billing for each allocation. The links will take you to a section that will describe the goal of the allocation, the services provided in that allocation, the allocation methodology (how it is spread across the customer base), and how You as a customer can best leverage (gain the most value from) the allocation you are paying for.

19-21 OFM Central Service Model Name CTS/WATech Invoice Line Name # of Customers Billed Billing Frequency
Enterprise Systems Fee (ESF) Allocation - Enterprise System  Rates (EL L030) 99 Monthly
Location-Based Service Allocation (GIS) Allocation - Geospatial Portal (EL L060) 26 Monthly
OCIO Services Allocation - Office of Chief Info Officer (EL L050) 57 Monthly
Security Gateway Allocation - Security Gateway (EL L020) 91 Monthly
Security Infrastructure  Allocation - Security Infrastructure (EL L020) 31 Monthly
State Data Center (Debt Services) Allocation - State Data Center (EL L070) 70 Monthly
State Data Center (Operations) Allocation - State Data Center OPS (EL L070) 70 Monthly
Jefferson Building Central Services Allocation - Jeff BLDG Central Services (EL L070) 70 Monthly
State Network Allocation - State Data Network (EL L080) 70 Monthly
Office of Cybersecurity Allocation - Office of Cybersecurity (EL L020) 57 Monthly
Small Agency IT Support Allocation - Small Agency IT Srvcs (EL L100) 14 Monthly