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Page updated 10/09/2019

Allocation Goal / Methodology

The goals and services of this allocation, as well as how to best leverage it, will be documented by OCIO at a later date. In the interim, please visit the OCIO website.  Funding for OCIO is based on actual agency IT FTEs. OFM provides a count of actual IT FTEs. For institutions of higher education (both the four-year institutions and the community and technical college system), only IT FTEs that support administrative functions of the institutions are counted. Instructional staff, hospital staff, and other non-administrative portions of the agencies are exempted from the FTE counts. OFM maintains the source data for budgeted FTEs. 

What is included in this Allocation?

  • Statewide information technology policies and oversight provided by the state Chief Information Officer
  • Technology Business Management - Effective July 2019, as a result of the IT resource transfer to OFM, the Apptio platform costs were shifted from the Enterprise Service Rates allocation to the OCIO allocation.

How is this Allocation Governed?

WaTech recommends the allocation methodology for this allocation, and OFM builds the calculations into the Central Services Model. The Legislature provides final approval through the enacted budget.

Billing Information

The naming convention for this allocation will be “Allocation – Office of Chief Info Officer (EL L050)”.