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Page updated 10/09/2019

Allocation Goal / Methodology

The OCS Allocation was established to ensure consistent funding for cybersecurity policy and technology leadership for state government, as well as to promote cooperation and coordination between regional and national governments and corporations.

Priorities under this allocation include:

  • Ensure the continuity of commerce for our state and our region in the event of a cyber-attack on government services and infrastructure.
  • Protect individual privacy by securing personal information stored by state agencies.
  • Secure the state’s networks and digital infrastructure from attack.
  • Engage regional and national public and private sector organizations to form deeper partnerships and build more unified response capabilities against cyber threats.
  • Partner with policy, budget and organizational leaders to ensure a modern and coordinated approach to cybersecurity.

Agencies with 50+ FTEs pay a yearly base fee of $2000. The remaining cost of the office is allocated based on the agency's number of budgeted FTE's. OFM maintains the source data for budgeted FTEs.   

What is included in this Allocation?

  • IT Security Standards and Policy development
  • Monitoring state network perimeter points to detect, prevent and respond to cyber-attacks. This includes alerts to agencies of potentially malicious activity.
  • Statewide Incident Response in the event of a cyber-attack. Helping agencies quickly assess and address the incident.
  • Assistance with identification through system recovery is provided upon request
  • Security design review
  • Security risk assessments

How is this Allocation Governed?

WaTech recommends the allocation methodology for this allocation, and OFM builds the calculations into the Central Services Model. The Legislature provides final approval through the enacted budget.

Leveraging this Allocation

As agencies use the Office of Cybersecurity services, agencies will gain greater value from this allocation.

Billing Information

The naming convention for this allocation will be “Allocation – Office of Cyber Security (EL L020)”.