Security Gateway Allocation

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Page updated 10/09/2019

Allocation Goal / Methodology

The Security Gateway Allocation funds a central point of authentication for all public-facing services provided by state agencies, enforcing security standards to ensure the protection of WA state citizen’s private information when accessing the State of WA services. It provides a consistent method of authentication and should result in efficiencies/savings at the agency level with these services provided at the enterprise level.

Allocation funding is based on the agency's number of budgeted FTEs and the number of applications each agency has using the gateway. OFM maintains the source data for budgeted FTEs and WaTech tracks the number of applications. Additionally, agencies with 50+ FTEs pay a yearly base fee of $1500.

What services are included in this allocation?

  • Secure Access Washington (SAW) Web/Content filtering
  • Web application firewall services for Application security monitoring (Limited for SAW)
  • Reverse proxy services (Limited for SAW)
  • Adaptive Authentication for SAW
  • Security certificates

What services are not included in this allocation?

  • Knowledge-Based Authentication - This is billed by agency consumption of the service on a monthly basis.

How is this allocation governed?

WaTech recommends the allocation methodology for this allocation, and OFM builds the calculations into the Central Services Model. The Legislature provides final approval through the enacted budget. 

How do agencies leverage this allocation?

Customers can further leverage this allocation by continuing to use Secure Access WA services to securely connect to business-related applications.

How do agencies get billed for this allocation?

The naming convention for this allocation will be “Allocation – Security Gateway (EL L020)”.