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WaTech is committed to providing assistance and solutions to agencies and employees during payroll processing.

In each payroll period HRMS generates critical information about payroll processing. WaTech provides this information to agencies to help them identify error types, who is affected, why the errors occurred, and how to resolve them.

Click on the Instructions and spreadsheets below for current HRMS Payroll and Financial Errors.


Day 0
Payroll Error(s)

Run Date 12/01/2018

Day 1
Payroll Error(s)

Run Date 12/03/2018


Day 2

Payroll Error(s)

Run Date 12/04/2018


 Day 3 Noon

Payroll Error(s)

Run Date  12/05/2018


Locked Employee(s)

Run Date 12/06/2018

  Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions

Payroll Period 23
11/16- 11/30,  2018


Day 0 Errors Day 1 Errors Day 2 Errors


Day 3 Noon


Locked Employees
Alert/Status Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal


Please Note: If WaTech is unable to post to this web site, the reports and spreadsheets found on this page will be distributed via the HRMS Communications GovDelivery. Please ensure the appropriate people have signed up to receive communications sent to this GovDelivery.

Payroll errors are generated during payroll processing and do not allow the employee to continue and complete the process. (These are available on your agency’s spool files in HRMS. After a noon process on Day 3, remaining redlines will be posted above.)

Errors generated in the Posting document by executing the Posting (RPCIPE) program on expenditure transactions after payroll calculations have completed and are caused by a variety of conditions. See Common Posting Errors (*updated 12/6/13) for helpful tips on how to research and correct.

Errors generated with the liability transaction during the execution of the Automated Liability Apportionment (ALAS) after payroll calculations have completed. These are typically caused by claims from prior periods that were not offset in the period they were created, and from retro calculations that impact multiple business areas. These errors cause an "out of balance" and cannot be allowed in the final payroll process.

Locked Employees are employees with errors for a particular payroll that caused them to be locked out of final processing. Agencies will need to take steps to ensure these employees are paid outside the system and adjustments are made in HRMS, if applicable.   

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