Policy Title Number Chapter Download Type Sort descending
Generative AI Guidelines 171.03.G Now EA-01-03-G Enterprise Architecture Download Guidelines
Critical Indicators of Project Performance (131 Appendix D) 131d Portfolio Management Download Guidelines
Online File Storage Guidance 171.01.G Now EA-01-01-G Enterprise Architecture Download Guidelines
162.00 Geospatial Technology Policy and Standards Procedure 162.00 Geospatial Download Guidelines
Open Data Planning for Agencies 187.G3 Now DATA-01-03-G Data Management Download Guidelines
Requests to Establish an Enterprise Service 185.05 NOW EA-02-01-PR Technology & Architecture Download Guidelines
Open Data: What Data to Publish 187.G2 Now DATA-01-02-G Data Management Download Guidelines
Principles of Quality Assurance Guideline 132a Now PM-03-01-G Project Management Download Guidelines
Open Data Definitions 187.G1 Now DATA-01-01-G Data Management Download Guidelines
Guidance: Model Agency Privacy Statement 187.G4 Now DATA-01-04-G Data Management Download Guidelines
Electronic Signature Guidelines 141.10.G Now SEC-11-01-G Security Download Guidelines
Software Quality Best Practices Guidelines 171.02 Now EA-01-02-G Enterprise Architecture Download Guidelines
Media Handling and Data Disposal Best Practices 141.10 G Now SEC-04-01-G Security Download Guidelines
State Archives Records and Cloud Storage Guidelines DATA-01-05-G Data Management Download Guidelines
Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) Implementation Guidance 141.10 Now SEC-08-01-G Security Download Guidelines
PC Procurement Guideline 201.10 Procurement Download Guidelines
Considerations Affecting PC Procurement Decisions (201 Appendix A) 201a Procurement Download Guidelines
Information Technology Disaster Recovery Planning 151 Security Download Policies
Audit and Accountability Standard 141.1- (1.5d-1.6) NOW SEC-09 Security Download Policies
Technology Policies and Standards Naming Convention Standard 101.1 - New POL-01-01-S Policies on Policies Download Policies