Policy Title Number Chapter Download Type
Configuration Management Standard 141.10 (5.1.1, 5.6.2) Now SEC-04-03-S Security Download Policies
Acceptable Use Policy 141.10 (2.10) Now USER-02 End User Download Policies
Vulnerability Management Standard 141.10 (5.5, 5.6) Now SEC-11-02-S Security Download Policies
Change Management Policy 141.10 (8.1) Now SEC-05 Security Download Policies
International Travel Technology Standard 141.101 NEW SEC-13-01-S Security Download Policies
International Travel Technology Policy 141.101 NEW SEC-13 Security Download Policies
Technology Policies and Standards Waiver Procedure 103.01 Now POL-01-02-PR Policies on Policies Download Policies
Cloud Highway Standard 185.06 Now EA-02-01-S Enterprise Architecture Download Standards
Technology Policies and Standards Naming Convention Standard 101.1 - New POL-01-01-S Policies on Policies Download Policies
Generative AI Guidelines 171.03.G Now EA-01-03-G Enterprise Architecture Download Guidelines
IT Investment Plan Standard 121.6 NEW PM-01-06-S Project Management Download Policies
Feasibility Study for IT Investments 121.5 NEW PM-01-05-S Project Management Download Policies
Tiered Oversight and Reporting Standard 121.4 NEW PM-01-04-S Project Management Download Policies
Project Characteristics by Tier Standard 121.3 NEW PM-01-03-S Project Management Download Policies
IT Project Charter Standard 121.20 NEW PM-01-02-S Project Management Download Standards
Software Quality Best Practices Guidelines 171.02 Now EA-01-02-G Enterprise Architecture Download Guidelines
Asset Management Policy 141.10 (8.2) Now SEC-04 Security Download Policies
Media Sanitization and Disposal 141.10 (8.4) Now SEC-04-02-S Security Download Standards
Data Backup and Recovery Standard 141.10 (8.4) Now SEC-04-01-S Security Download Standards
Firewall Standard 141.10 (5.1.2) Now SEC-04-04-S Security Download Standards