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Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

ADFS provides single-sign-on (SSO) technologies to authenticate a user to multiple Web applications (either on or off premise) over the life of a single online session. ADFS accomplishes this by securely sharing digital identity and “claims” across security and enterprise boundaries.

A claim is a statement about a user that is used for authorization purposes in an application. ADFS brokers trust between disparate entities by allowing the trusted exchange of arbitrary claims that...Read more

Audio Conferencing

WaTech offers many tools for telephone conferencing.  Attendees simply dial the conference bridge number, enter the assigned pin code, and are instantly connected to the conference. The teleconferencing system supports calls of up to 240 participants. All conference calls are scheduled through the conference operator.Read more

Audio/Video Conferencing Services

State of Washington Conferencing Options

Video/Desktop Sharing
and Audio Conferencing

WaTech Managed
Audio Only
Conferencing Services

Read more

Centrex Services

Centrex is a generic term for central office based telephone services. WaTech Centrex service includes free calling within the local exchange area, access to the state’s long distance network, and access to the local operator and emergency services. WaTech Centrex offerings include an abbreviated dialing plan (3, 4, or 5 digits) that can be used to dial between any two phones that are in Centrex. Access to a voice messaging system is available at reduced rates.

WaTech has established...Read more

Enterprise Active Directory Services

The Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) is a shared employee directory for state employees. Directory information includes work addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and other information.

State agencies using EAD have the ability to share information and resources across the network, while still operating as individual departments.Read more

Enterprise Shared Tenant

The Washington Enterprise Shared Tenant (the Tenant) changes how organizations have historically managed their IT infrastructure, by shifting the management of these resources to cloud providers. With the ability to serve multiple tenants from Microsoft 365 via a common, cloud-based server, Washington state agencies can benefit from shared resources (such as existing data centers, computers, operating systems, software applications and maintenance). Other advantages include on-demand access...Read more

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems allow people to use a telephone to get information from a computer database or other data source. IVR can automatically give your customers answers to their most frequently asked questions. Customers can call a designated phone number, enter an authorization code, and then securely interact with your database to get the information they need. This automated process reduces staff time, reduces operator errors, and enhances customer service.Read more

Mobile Device Management

With the growing number of device models, platforms and operating system versions available, state agencies are facing new and complex mobility management challenges. Let WaTech’s team help you navigate through this complexity by helping you evaluate your agency’s MDM needs, while ensuring your mobility services are launched smoothly and efficiently.Read more

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

WaTech installs, operates, and maintains shared Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems that deliver voice telephone service to public organizations at economical rates. Private Branch Exchanges are telephone switches that are installed on a customer's premises to provide telephone service. PBXs are normally only installed when:

  • The State owns or has a long-term lease on a building
  • The site has a minimum of 100 lines or
  • The site requires special functionality
  • ...Read more

Shared Services - Email

Shared Services Email implements a solution (based on requirements from agencies across the state) encompassing email delivery, security, and records retention.Read more

Skype for Business

Skype for Business connects people on their PC or mobile devices as part of their everyday productivity experience. Skype for Business provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience.

Skype for Business allows users to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues and customers from virtually anywhere they choose to work.Read more

Switched Long Distance

WaTech offers reduced rate long distance telephone service for state and local government agencies in Washington via the Switched Long Distance (SLD) service. SLD provided customized, detailed billing of long distance calls. Customers who purchase local telephone services through WaTech will automatically receive SLD service. If you manage your own local telephone services, SLD service is an available alternative to commercial long distance. See “Fees for Service” below for the support...Read more

WebEx Video and Web Conferencing

The WebEx suite of communication services includes interactive video conferencing, web collaboration, and audio conferencing – via either telephone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Online meetings through WebEx can be used to demonstrate products and services, share presentations, conduct online training sessions and collaborate on documents. The service can display up to six video images simultaneously.Read more

Wireless Service

Wireless is a statewide service which offers greater mobility and productivity via one secure, centrally-managed and supported common infrastructure by providing:

  • No up-front or recurring equipment costs
  • Easy-to-acquire subscription pricing
  • Full integration to state government networks
  • Full compliance with state security standards and policies
  • Easy, secure roaming to your
  • ...Read more