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Electronic Records Vault (WaServ)

The Washington State Electronic Records Vault Service (WaSERV) can store email according to your agency’s records and retention requirements. State employees use email to process large amounts of information, and that email must be handled in a manner that complies with legal and fiscal requirements.

WaSERV provides a solution to the explosive growth of individual mailboxes by moving email to the Vault. Through this service, a secure email repository is available to simplify searches...Read more

IBM Mainframe Disk Storage and Tape Backup

IBM Mainframe Storage can help backup state documents and data to meet legislative archival requirements.

WaTech also offers a strong backup solution for documents in the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event.

Tape Backup Service gives IBM Mainframe customers the ability to backup data directly to tape. Customers also have the ability to write to virtual tape, which includes both a copy at the State Data Center and an off-site copy. Read more

IBM Rational Host On-Demand

Security-rich web-to-host terminal emulation and host access application programming support from a single interface. Host On-Demand provides connectivity to IBM Mainframe platform.Read more

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides data storage via a centralized network. For instance, NAS is convenient for agencies that need groups within their organization to share access to certain files. Files of any type can be shared over a network with NAS.Read more

Server Backup

Server Backup Services (SBS) provide a comprehensive system for backing up and restoring almost any type of server over the State Government Network (SGN) and the Public Government Network (PGN). SBS can backup and restore a single file, all files on a disk or an entire server, whether physical or virtual.

SBS uses a variety of technologies to provide backup and restore services, archival and retrieval, storage management and disaster recovery. We are able to support physical as well...Read more

Storage Area Network

Customers with servers in the State Data Center can easily connect to extra storage via the WaTech Storage Area Network (SAN). Rather than purchasing larger hard drives to accommodate growing storage needs, many customers choose to connect their servers to SAN.

SAN is ideal for Windows and Unix server-based applications that need large amounts of storage (terabytes). Servers connected to SAN have direct, high-speed access to data. Servers connected to SAN also have exclusive...Read more