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Enterprise Output Solutions (EOS) is a document management solution that manages the electronic archival, retrieval, and distribution of computer-generated reports. By managing the electronic versions of documents, EOS reduces the use of paper and the need for printing and physical distribution. It also ensures that the enterprise can deliver indispensable information anytime, anywhere, regardless of where and in what format it is stored.

EOS Thin Client runs under a Web browser enables an unlimited number of authorized users to simultaneously retrieve and manipulate business-critical content from one or more EOS repositories.



  • Simple or compound find/search and Boolean support.
  • Report reformatting.
  • Table of Contents (TOC) search capabilities.
  • Ensures that recipients only have access to the data authorized to view.
  • Most Agencies have an EOS coordinator already with full control over who can access their reports.
  • Reduces resource costs by eliminating duplications of reports for multi end-users.
  • Automatically archives time sensitive reports.
  • Most Agencies can control the restoration of archived reports.
  • Elimination of delivery delays.
  • High availability – 24/7.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Meets auditor requirements to archive sensitive or financial documents.
  • A dedicated support staff of experienced professionals with specific knowledge of EOS and EOS Thin Client.

EOS Thin Client:

  • Ready-to-use application.
  • Real-time secure access from any Web browser.
  • A straightforward interface and online help that eliminates user training.
  • Dedicated support staff of experienced professional with specific knowledge of EOS and EOS Thin Client. 


Owner of eos spool fee
Disk Archive - IBM Mainframe $.0017 per gigabyte/hour
Online Disk - IBM Mainframe $.0019 per gigabyte/hour
Virtual Tape - IBM Mainframe $.0014 per gigabyte/hour


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