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The IBM Mainframe platform is designed to meet business requirements that are comprised of hardware, operating systems, security, network services, and storage. Our support includes installation, configuration, testing, and support of system and applications enabling software components that reside on the IBM Mainframe platform.

No need to purchase or manage servers, system software, storage, or network equipment. Customers can focus on supporting their application, not the hardware or operating system. 99.999% Availability – total minutes of downtime per year = 45



  • High availability – 24/7.
  • High-level of security (scope of authority) and encryption (AES and AT/TLS encryption).
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Enterprise Output Solutions (EOS) for report archiving to meeting auditor requirements.
  • Large volume(s) to stored data includes backup services and virtual tape processing.
  • Rapid response time for transactions.
  • Robust print management services.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning.
  • A dedicated support team of experienced professionals with specific knowledge of the IBM Mainframe platform.


WaTech offers printed output in different formats (simplex, duplex, continuous feed, cut-sheet, etc.) from various technology platforms utilizing high-speed laser printers and various pre and post-processing equipment.

Description Fee
CPU Processing rate for ADABAS, Batch/TSO, and CICS $333.41 per CPU hour, adjusted per factors listed below
Technology Environment (CPU) Adjustment Factor (TEAF) $16.75
Job Class - Descriptions Turnaround Objective Prime (Monday-Friday 6 a.m. to 6 a.m.) Non-prime
R - Regular Schedule Due out time 1.00 .50
O - On-demand schedule 60 minutes 1.50 .75
J - Superhot 6 minutes 4.00 2.00
H - Hot 1 hour 2.50 1.25
A - Priority 2 hours 2.00 1.00
D - Standard 4 hours 1.50 .75
E - Off-prime Off-prime   .65
F - Large Print N/A 1.00 1.00
C - High Resource N/A 1.50 .75
Time Share Option (TSO) N/A 1.00 .50
Customer Information Control System (CICS) N/A 1.00 .50

To calculate the cost of a single batch job, TSO session or CICS transaction, use this formula:

                Job Cost = Rate * TEAF * CPU * Multiplier

For example Job BATCH155 runs using Class E and consumed 15 minutes (.25 hours) of CPU time:

                Job Cost = 333.41 * 16.75 * .25 * .65 = $906.38*

* Cost does not including ADABAS charges which are calculated separately.

Overall CPU billing may reflect volume discounts given to customers consuming large amounts of CPU time. Volume discounts only applied to monthly sales exceeding the prescribed threshold for specific service.

Volume Discounts  
Description Discount
ADABAS (discount is only applied to monthly sales amount greater than $3000) 30% discount
Batch (discount is only applied to monthly sales amount greater than $14,000) 30% discount
CICS (discount is only applied to monthly sales amount greater than $3,000) 30% discount
TSO (discount is only applied to monthly sales amount greater than $3,000) 30% discount

To calculate discounts for a particular service type, use this formula:

                Discount = (Non-discounted Total – Threshold) * Discount = Cost

For example: Agency Q has purchased $4,000 in ADABAS service, $15,000 in Batch service, $3,100 in CICS service, and $2,900 in TSO service in one month. Their bill would reflect the following:

Discount Example    
ADABAS $4,000 30% discount $3,700 billed for ADABAS
Batch $15,000 30% discount $14,700 billed for Batch
CICS $3,100 30% discount $3,070 billed for CICS

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