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Managed File Transfer is a multi-protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure [HTTPS], Secure File Transfer Protocol/Secure Shell [SFTP/SSH] and File Transfer Protocol [FTPS]) secure file transport to perform manual single file or automated high-volume file transfers with business partners located in the United States or Canada.


  • All connections are encrypted using FIPS 140-2 standards. (link is external)
  • Entities operating within the State Government Network (SGN) can access the SGN without crossing the perimeter of the network.
  • Utilizes most Web browsers via the HTTPS secure connection via any U.S. or Canadian internet connection.
  • Automated or manual connection can be made via any client application using SFTP/SSH or FTPS.
  • Only secure connections are accepted to managed file transfer providing account credentials.
  • All account data and encrypted transfers files are within SGN firewall-protected servers utilizing a “demilitarization zone” (DMZ) proxy.
  • At-rest transferred files and account data is siloed by agency/group permissions with the service.
  • Service has the capability to handle up to 80,000 file transfers per hour with a file size of 200GB in the shared environment.
  • Automated process can be utilized to pull or push files to your servers.
  • A secured delegated administration connection is available for self-administration of your accounts.

Note: Every document uploaded through Managed File Transfer will be deleted after 14 calendar days at rest on the service.


Tech Specs: 

  • Ability to rename successful upload files and/or relocate files within agency/groups file structure.
  • Email notification of incoming and outgoing files.
  • Account information provided via a CVS file within an MFT account you have access to.
  • Delegated Administrators have access to file tracking information to monitor any file transfers within their group.

How to Order: 

The MFT test site ( is provided for our customers to test processes, validate planned changes to the MFT environment and use as a training resource. All of these activities should be done using test data only. Please do not use the site as production as the site is not monitored or secured to the same extent as production. Likewise, there is no service level agreement provided for the MFT test site. This site can have an outage without notice. If you plan to do extensive testing, please provide notice to WaTech, and additional support may be arranged. The test site does not have after-hours support (only Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., unless prior arrangements have been made).