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Customers with servers in the State Data Center can easily connect to extra storage via the WaTech Storage Area Network (SAN). Rather than purchasing larger hard drives to accommodate growing storage needs, many customers choose to connect their servers to SAN.

SAN is ideal for Windows and Unix server-based applications that need large amounts of storage (terabytes). Servers connected to SAN have direct, high-speed access to data. Servers connected to SAN also have exclusive access to their data, so your agency’s data is not available to other agencies using SAN.

SAN storage is available in three performance tiers:

  • Ultra High Performance – This storage represents the highest performing open-system storage currently available from WaTech. This type of storage is used for application systems or application components that have very high demands in the form of high-transaction volumes, large data payloads, and very high input/output (I/O) on a continual and consistent basis.

  • High Performance – This storage represents very high-performing open-system storage. This type of storage is used for the majority of application components where performance demands are varied and high transaction volumes and high I/O are required in predictable, but short periods.

  • Commodity – This storage represents open-system storage used for low-intensity workloads that have a higher ratio of reads to writes. This type of storage is used for application components where transaction volumes and I/O requirements are low.


  • SAN offers peace of mind by maintaining high-speed access directly to your data--all at a reasonable cost.

  • This service helps boost your organization’s efficiency by freeing up more time for agency system administrators to do other work.

  • Flexible growth potential without a lengthy purchasing process.

  • SAN is sharable over multiple servers and applications.

  • Control your organization’s storage management—easily add storage when you need it.


The Storage Area Network (SAN) service provides large disk storage arrays to Windows and Unix servers via a specialized fiber network.

Description Fee
Storage Area Network (SAN) Three storage tiers are available:
  • Ultra-High Performance    $1.48 per GB Month
  • High Performance              $0.36 per GB Month
  • Commodity                          $0.17 per GB Month

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