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ADFS provides single-sign-on (SSO) technologies to authenticate a user to multiple Web applications (either on or off premise) over the life of a single online session. ADFS accomplishes this by securely sharing digital identity and “claims” across security and enterprise boundaries.

A claim is a statement about a user that is used for authorization purposes in an application. ADFS brokers trust between disparate entities by allowing the trusted exchange of arbitrary claims that contain arbitrary values. The receiving party uses these claims to make authorization decisions.

What does this mean? It means a user only signs on (authenticates) once and then that sign on is shared securely with other applications. The alternative is to sign on to each application every time you wish to use them. This concept is called single sign-on and ADFS makes this possible.

Examples of where WaTech has used ADFS to establish SSO capabilities include HRMS (on-premises application), and Apptio, EasyVista, and SalesForce (cloud-based solutions.)

The WaTech ADFS service is available to members of the Enterprise Active Directory (EAD). This includes all members of Shared Services Email.

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