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WaTech provides information to implement and support ActiveSync in State agencies. The WaTech Mobile Messaging team seeks to provide relevant industry related news that may impact users. We welcome your feedback - contact us at

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Why is the State offering ActiveSync? toggle

What is meant by "ActiveSync approved mobile device?" toggle

Will agencies be delegated the ability to add approved devices to the Exchange environment? toggle

How does an agency get a specific device on the ActiveSync Approved Device list? toggle

My personally-owned device is on the approved list. Can I use ActiveSync? toggle

If my device is remotely wiped, will it erase all my data? toggle

How do I set up ActiveSync? toggle

What if I attempt to sync a device that is NOT on the ActiveSync Approved Device list? toggle

What if I don’t do anything once I am in quarantine? Will that affect my device? toggle

Who do I contact if I am having issues with syncing my device? toggle

ActiveSync Technical Resources & 'Tips and Tricks'

  1. Must know ActiveSync PowerShell commands. This is list of frequently used PowerShell commands that agency support can use to administer their users.
  2. A user’s mailbox must be ‘Enabled’ in Exchange for ActiveSync to function.
  3. The mailbox policy enabled for a specific device for a user must meet or exceed OCIO requirements.
  4. Customer agency support staff is responsible support and testing of ActiveSync BYOD devices & State owned devices. NOTE: WaTech will continue to test major devices released and new OS update and will assist small agencies with limited IT resources with testing devices.
  5. The Recovery Password in OWA for any Apple devices is not enabled & does not function. If a user forgets their password, then device must be wiped, deleted & reactivated.
  6. All Apple devices should be in Policy1 or Policy1-Encryption. Policy2 & Policy3 will work; however, Password requirements exceed OCIO requirements.
  7. To encrypt an Apple or Android device requires the device be fully charged [100%] and/or plugged into a power outlet during the encryption process.
  8. What do we do with users with more than 1 device that should be in different policies?

ActiveSync Roles & Responsibilities


  1. Define policies in the best interest of the Enterprise service offering.
  2. Ensure ActiveSync is disabled on existing mailboxes prior to rollout.
  3. Define and update list of approved devices.
  4. Create and maintain ActiveSync mailbox policies in the Exchange 2010 environment. This includes a default policy which will be applied if an agency policy is not chosen.
  5. Publish documentation to assist agencies with ActiveSync implementation and management.

Customer Agency

  1. Procure devices and wireless plans (Existing BlackBerry data plans can be converted to ‘generic’ data plans at no cost to agencies. A simple phone call to the wireless carrier to covert data plans can be done in minutes.)
  2. Ensure when new mailboxes are created, ActiveSync is disabled.
  3. Determine if desired mailbox policy requires the Microsoft Ecal.
  4. Customize WaTech provided documentation templates to meet customer’s specific needs.
  5. Train and support end users: This includes training agency staff on how to ‘self-service’ ActiveSync issues via the user’s OWA account.
  6. Ensure that any agency staff using ActiveSync has signed a personal device access request form prior to activation.
  7. Set the ActiveSync mailbox policy for each user prior to activation.
  8. Provide assistance to end user’s during activation. This may include installation & maintenance of desktop software and/or 3rd party accounts (e.g. iPhone) that are a prerequisite for activation.
  9. Maintain the agency’s fleet of mobile devices and ensure all devices and OS levels are within the guidelines and device standards provided by WaTech.
  10. Review logs for quarantined device requests and make note of any trends.
  11. Provide ongoing support to end users.