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WaTech Domain Naming Service (DNS) is available to all agencies connected to the State Government Network (SGN) or the IntraGovernmental Network (IGN).

Washington State administers the and domains.

The sub-domain is now available to cities and counties – it had previously been available only to state agencies, boards, and commissions. Local governments currently use a variety of domain names, such as or Cities and counties now have the option of using a domain name consistent with state government domain name conventions. 

Fees for Service: 

Description Fee
One-Time Setup Fee
$120 per name
Time and Services (One hour minimum charge) $60 per hour

How to Order: 

Customers interested in the Domain Naming Service for city names are requested to contact the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) at

You may apply for a DNS name or ask for advice by completing the DNS Request Form

You can review the state standards for domain naming.

To obtain services from WaTech, eligible organizations must enter into a Master Service Agreement (MSA).

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