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Enterprise Output Solutions (EOS) Thin Client License is a document management software system that manages the electronic archival, retrieval, and distribution of computer-generated reports. By managing the electronic versions of documents, EOS reduces the use of paper and the need for printing and physical distribution. Additionally, online viewing through a PC or web browser gives end-users immediate access to the information they need.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Simple or compound find/search with Boolean support
  • Report reformatting
  • Table of Contents (TOC) search capabilities


  • Ensures that recipients only have access to the data they are authorized to view
  • Each agency EOS coordinator has full control over who can access their reports
  • Reduces resource costs by eliminating duplication of reports for multiple end-users
  • Automatically archives time sensitive reports
  • Each agency controls the restoration of archived reports
  • Elimination of delivery delays 

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