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Managed Firewalls protect your network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Firewalls are the critical gateway into a network, and firewalls managed by WaTech come with the highest degree of attention and expertise to protect critical agency assets and provide peace of mind.

Managed Firewall services are available in two categories:

  • WaTech-Managed Firewalls are a fully managed firewall solution, including policy and configuration. The service is tailored to meet the customer’s changing business requirements.
  • Co-Managed Firewalls offer a solution for agencies that want their technical staff to maintain an active role in the administration of the perimeter firewall.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Establish network security to protect critical assets
  • Leverage the combined purchasing resources of WaTech to reduce costs on hardware, licensing, and support
  • Service complies with ISB standards and industry best practices
  • Firewall service monitoring 24 hours a day

Fees for Service: 

The Managed Firewall service is billed monthly as a rated subscription service. Billing occurs only in the months when services are provided. The Network Allocation includes three firewall instances - two WaTech-Managed, one Co-Managed. Subscriptions that extend beyond the described threshold will require a network consultation and incur additional monthly recurring charges.

Description Fee
Managed Firewall for agencies that are included in the monthly Network Allocation (includes three firewall instances - two WaTech-Managed, one Co-Managed) $-0-/mo.
Managed Firewall for agencies/organizations not included in the monthly Network Allocation $1,750/mo.

Pre-Service Requirements: 

How to Order: 

Please submit a request to WaTech Support Center through the online Terms of Service Agreement form.