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When upgrading to Microsoft Office, customers have the option of purchasing either:

  • Perpetual licenses, based on the number of devices and on premise use.
  • Subscription licenses, based on the number of users and used for either on premise or in Office 365 cloud services.

For Customers who choose subscription licensing, each license must be activated in the Office 365 (O365) cloud and reactivated every 30 days.

To automate this process, WaTech provides the means for customers with subscription licenses to activate those licenses in the Enterprise Tenant.

Features and Benefits: 

The service offers single sign on and automated synchronization within the state's Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) environment.

Pre-Production Tenant Access:

Access to the Pre-Production Tenant offers customers a way to test their cloud-based applications. This service provides customers a testing environment to safely troubleshoot, change or customize functions and features of the application before implementing in the production Enterprise Tenant.

Fees for Service: 

Office 365 license activation is available to all EAD customers at no additional fee.  

Pre-Production Tenant Access is available per quote.

Pre-Service Requirements: 

How to Order: 

Please email a request to the WaTech Support Center or call 855.WaTech1 or 360.586.1000. WaTech will schedule a consult to review O365 enterprise tenant features and customer readiness tasks.