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WaTech installs, operates, and maintains shared Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems that deliver voice telephone service to public organizations at economical rates. Private Branch Exchanges are telephone switches that are installed on a customer's premises to provide telephone service. PBXs are normally only installed when:

  • The State owns or has a long-term lease on a building
  • The site has a minimum of 100 lines or
  • The site requires special functionality to meet business critical requirements

WaTech supports the Avaya and Nortel PBX platforms. The Avaya offering is a hybrid architecture that is used to provide Voice over IP (VoIP), digital, and analog services.

Features and Benefits: 

Most of the State’s Avaya PBXs and gateways are connected to each other over a statewide MPLS network. Some of the services provided by these systems include:

  • Custom telephone configurations based on the Avaya architecture with over 300 features
  • Local dialing with abbreviated dial plan (4 or 5 digits)
  • Enhanced 911
  • On net dialing to all networked PBXs
  • Expanded local dialing to most of the area codes in the State at no additional charge
  • One number service that lets users receive calls to their office phone on their cell phone or another phone
  • Soft phones that let users control their office phone using a PC to route calls to a phone or PC that they select using either the public telephone network or an IP network

Call Center Functionality to include:

  • Skills based routing
  • A comprehensive management system with real time and historical reporting
  • Custom Interactive voice response application development and service
  • IP agent software which allows call center agents to participate in call centers from any location with an IP connection and phone
  • Call back functionality that lets callers to a call center receive a call back rather than wait in queue

Voice Mail Service - WaTech provides several voice mail solutions for its PBX offerings. These include Octel, Avaya Audix, & Nortel Call Pilot. The primary voice mail system used with our networked Avaya PBX systems is the Avaya Aura platform, which has advanced voice mail features that include:

  • Unified messaging which provides voice mail as E mail
  • “Reach me” allows users to assign multiple paths to route a call if they are unavailable at their normal office number
  • Use of speech commands to route voice mail
  • A speech attendant to access and route voice mail and calls

Fees for Service: 

PBX rate:

Description Rate
PBX line rate Line rates are tailored to meet customer’s business needs. Please contact the WaTech Servicedesk for a consultation and customized quote.
Aura voice mail Standard Service per box per month $3.83

Premium Service, per box, per month (includes unified messaging, speech attendant, reach me and additional storage): $5.00


Aura voice mail rate and features:


Features Standard Premium
Cost per box per month $3.83 $5.00
Web access for user preference configuration Yes Yes
Speech access Limited to VM users Yes
Reach Me No Yes
Voice recognition for addressing Yes Yes
Visual message waiting indicator Yes Yes
Greetings user can record Two (busy/no answer) Two (busy/no answer)
Maximum greeting length 90 seconds 90 seconds
Extended absence greeting Yes Yes
IMAP4/POP3 access (email integration) No Yes
Email notification No Yes
Text or page notification Yes Yes
Outcalling notification Yes Yes
Maximum message length 4 minutes 4 minutes
Message storage limit 20 minutes 40 minutes
Message retention For life of system For life of system

How to Order: 

In an effort to improve our accuracy in providing and billing WaTech telephone services, we have launched a new online PBX Services order form and standardized the ordering process. Two critical pieces of information are your WaTech Customer ID/Agency ID number and account ID. If you are not familiar with these two numbers, please check with the authorized purchasing representative within your agency, the telecommunication coordinator within your agency, or contact the WaTech Service Desk - (360) 753-2454 or 888-241-7597.