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Data transported within state government is combined onto the Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure managed by WaTech. Managing this much demand in one place means WaTech can competitively acquire large amounts of bandwidth, driving down costs while boosting speed and capacity. WaTech can act as your single point of contact for designing, ordering, implementing and operating networks — dispatching staff around the clock to resolve problems and work with vendors. Our aim is to help you focus on your core business.

The service availability objective is 99.9% for Transport and Connectivity measured on a monthly basis. WaTech continually works with our providers on meeting the contractual obligations to ensure the availability of the Data Network.

Transport and Connectivity is made up of the following components:

  • Customer Site Connectivity
  • Provider and Customer Edge Devices


Customer Site Connectivity

  • Provider Last Mile is used to facilitate customer site connectivity to the state network.

  • State Metropolitan Optical Network (SMON) is a series of interconnected managed fiber rings established between select areas of Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey. Agency offices within the service area of the SMON may be connected to this network.

  • Campus Fiber Network (CFN) allows customer sites to be connected using fiber optic facilities installed throughout the Capitol Campus. CFN circuits are primarily terminated into SMON node sites.


Provider and Customer Edge (PE/CE) devices and management

WaTech owns and manages all Provider Edge (PE) devices that are deployed at sites housing multiple WaTech customers.  PE devices allow secure transport of data through one physical circuit to multiple customers at a site. Customer Edge (CEs) devices are customer owned and typically co-managed by WaTech (for details see our CE Service Announcement).

View a detailed list of roles and responsibilities.


Ethernet Transport and Connectivity contracts and procurement process

WaTech is committed to the pursuit of continual reevaluation, adjustment and expansion of the contracts we manage to ensure our customers can meet their business needs. We also want to ensure our customers are receiving the best service, support and price.

WaTech has executed a new approach to procuring network services. This approach will help meet our goals of expanding access to vendors, improving the predictability of circuit installation dates, harmonizing contract management across all vendors, increasing flexibility for upgrades and meeting other technical needs.

WaTech uses Ethernet provider Master Service Agreements (MSAs) to assist in the procurement of networking services. These services include, but are not limited to local access connectivity, WAN connectivity and data transport services.

Any vendor that is interested in selling goods or services within scope of the Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) and related technical addendums may participate in our procurements once the vendor signs and returns the MSA and technical addendum(s).

The first two technical addendums are for Wireline Ethernet and Fixed Wireless. WaTech will send bid requests to any vendors with a signed MSA and technical addendum for the service being procured. Here are links to the above-referenced agreement and addendum:

Master Services Agreement

  1. Wireline Ethernet Technical Addendum
  2. Fixed Wireless Technical Addendum
  3. PRI T-1 Voice Services Addendum
  4. Broadband ISP Services Addendum
  5. TDM Services Addendum
  6. SIP Voice Services Addendum

List for pool of vendors who have signed the MSA, and the Addendums they have signed up for:

Vendor MSA# Wireline Ethernet
Fixed Wireless
PRI T-1 Voice Services Addendum Broadband ISP Services Addendum TDM Services SIP Voice Services
AccelNet 18-008            
CenturyLink 17-114 X     X    
Comcast 17-116 X   X X   X
Frontier 17-117 X   X      
G12 Communications 18-147     X     X
Gorge Networks 17-118 X     X    
Jamestown Network 19-049 X          
Magna5 18-025 X X X     X
Visionary Networks (dba Mammoth Networks) 17-149 X X        
NoaNet 17-120 X     X   X
Noel 17-121 X X        
StarTouch 17-122 X X        
Threshold 18-042 X         X
Wave 17-123 X X       X
Zayo 17-124 X          


This is the Contract List for the pool of the old Secondary Ethernet pre-approved vendors (not available for further procurement after June 30, 2017.  This list and links are being maintained until all Ethernet circuits have been procured under the MSA):

Vendor Contract
360 Networks (Zayo) T11-PCH-528
CenturyLink T11-PCH-529
Charter Business T11-PCH-530
Comcast T11-PCH-527
Frontier Communications T12-PCH-738
Integra Telecom T12-PCH-739
NoaNet T12-PCH-740
Noel Communications T12-PCH-741
Star Touch T12-PCH-742
Wave Broadband fka Capacity Provisioning T11-PCH-525

Ethernet Circuit Procurement Timeline (estimates)

Time estimates Description
1 day Need for new/replacement Ethernet circuit identified (example, customer sends request to WaTech for new Ethernet circuit or WaTech initiates request)
7 days Requirements gathering and confirmation between customer and WaTech. Requirements are finalized (depends on agency and WaTech coordination)
7 days WaTech procurement
  • Requirements converted to RFQ
28 days RFQ bid process
  • Procurement released to vendors
  • Vendor questions-and-answers period
  • Apparently successful vendors (ASV) announced
7 days Vendor debriefing period
7 days Contract work - Supplemental work orders issued for signatures
3 days Technical circuit orders issued to vendors
Based on the Guaranteed Install Interval - number of days Vendors process technical order and initiate work activities to build circuit, install cabling and electronics at customer site (Potential steps include permits, right of entry approvals, easement approvals, construction projects, etc.)
1 day Vendor turns circuit over to WaTech
3-15 days WaTech and customer finalize implementation configurations and coordinate scheduled cutover to new circuit.


Network-allocated customers

In the 2015-2017 Biennial budget the Legislature allocated WaTech’s current customers with this intent:

“…The agency [WaTech] will take over responsibility from agencies for management of and connectivity to these networks, enabling it to more efficiently manage enterprise network resource needs. The full cost of the networks will be allocated...”

The majority of Washington state agencies were part of this network allocation. Incremental additions and subtractions of services do not result in additional or reduced billing for network-allocated customers. Excluded from network allocation are customer local area networks, wireless services, voice services and audio/video conferencing services.

To find out if your request is covered by network allocation, email the WaTech Support Center.

Network allocation guidelines

Included in network allocation for Transport and Connectivity are the following:

  • Circuit Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC).

  • Non-recurring Costs (NRC) up to a set amount.

  • Purchase and maintenance of PE devices where multiple customers are at the same site.

  • Note: All WaTech-managed transport must terminate to a WaTech site.

Not currently allocated (customer fiscal responsibilities)

  • Non-recurring Costs (NRC) exceeding a set amount.

  • Termination Liability for circuits cancelled by customer prior to the end of the request term.

  • Non-standard/exceptional (one-off) costs.

  • Purchase and maintenance of CE devices.

  • Funding multiple circuits to one site/customer (for example, Transport and Connectivity services for disaster recovery/business continuity purposes)

  • Campus fiber network routes are $655 per connection, per month (Olympia campus only).

  • Campus fiber certification for speeds 1Gbps and higher are $655 per connection, one-time charge (Olympia campus only).

Non-allocated customers

Rates are tailored to meet customer's business needs. Please contact WaTech for a consultation and customized quote.

How to Order: 

New Customers

  • To obtain services from WaTech, eligible organizations must enter into a Master Service Agreement (MSA). See if you qualify for an MSA.

  • All customer inquiries including new customers, current customers and service cancellations:

    • Email the WaTech Support Center or call 855.WaTech1 or 360.586.1000 and ask to open a service request for Network services or cancel a Network service.

    • Complete and submit the EDN Customer Request Form to help WaTech gather collaborative requirements. WaTech staff will contact you to capture detailed requirements and necessary information for your request, answer questions, and plan for the requested service or cancellation.


Terms of Service

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