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Collaborative cinematic storytelling that wins hearts – and awards!

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Video supplies a kind of hyperreal consciousness to modern life. From the personal to the global, contemporary life is lived, captured and shared with video. Today, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Likewise, it’s hard to imagine connecting with citizens or customers – or anyone you want to reach - without video.

Our niche is collaborative cinematic storytelling. We work closely with our customers to give voice to their customers and constituents. It’s storytelling that builds communities, supports initiatives and increases engagement. And, it’s storytelling that wins awards. We’ve barely launched the service and the videos we’ve produced with our clients are already winning awards– from government relations to web series, from to online information to documentary–we’ve won 11 awards to date. 

Video is today’s everyday vernacular. And good storytelling is its sweet spot. Our Video Production Services lace the influence of today’s vernacular with the transformative art of nonfiction storytelling. We do this by combining WaTech senior-level producer/director professional services with brokered, fully equipped production crews.

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Many agencies are creating their own video news releases, live-streaming meetings and announcements, even crafting cool training videos. The more an organization does with video, the more they want to do. Increasingly, the desire to do more with video is a desire for storytelling.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Senior-level producer/director
  • Collaborative and iterative production process
  • Fully equipped video and audio recording services
  • Accessibility-driven with captioning provided
  • Strengthens communities and increases social engagement

How to Order: 

Let's Talk! 
Contact Marilyn Freeman Producer/Director and Senior Strategy Adviser, 360-407-8682.

Contact Information: 

Marilyn Freeman
Producer/Director and Senior Strategy Adviser