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The WebEx suite of communication services includes interactive video conferencing, web collaboration, and audio conferencing – via either telephone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Online meetings through WebEx can be used to demonstrate products and services, share presentations, conduct online training sessions and collaborate on documents. The service can display up to six video images simultaneously.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Ability to host conferences with participants world-wide
  • Conference recording is available to customers who specifically request it on the application form and agree to the Supplemental Terms of Use.
  • Host accounts include 1GB of recording storage free, additional storage can be purchased for $4.56 per GB per month.

Fees for Service: 

Monthly Meeting Center/Training Center/Event Center
Web Collaboration and/or Video
Monthly recurring charge
The subscription includes:
  • Recording option is available.
  • Up to 1000 participants per session.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • Service includes VoIP audio at no additional charge.
  • Subscriptions are dedicated to one person and cannot be shared.
  • Meetings cannot overlap.
$35.00 per month*
(*plus toll, or toll-free audio, charges listed below; subscription includes VoIP audio at no additional charge)
Per minute Voice / Audio Options Per minute, per user
Toll free/callback (800 service) $0.07
(Special quotes can be prepared for users with requirements for over 100,000 minutes per month.)
Toll (San Francisco based voice bridge)
  • Host pays per minute, per user bridging fee charge.

Each participant pays their own long-distance charges.

(This is the bridging per minute fee to the account/subscription holder.)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)** (There is no charge for VoIP service.)
Recording Storage $4.56 per GB per month

**Requires all participants to have sound cards, speakers, and microphones. While VoIP audio quality is generally very good, it is influenced by the performance of the customer’s Local Area Network/Wide Area Network environment. Therefore, there is no guarantee of voice quality.

How to Order: 

Online Order Form

In an effort to improve our accuracy in providing and billing WaTech telephone and Web conferencing services, we have launched a Online Order Form and standardized the ordering process. Two critical pieces of information are your WaTech Customer ID/Agency ID and account ID. If you aren’t familiar with these two fields, please check with the authorized purchasing representative within your agency, the telecommunication coordinator within your agency, or contact the WaTech Support Center - (360) 753-2454 or 888-241-7597.