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Wireless is a statewide service which offers greater mobility and productivity via one secure, centrally-managed and supported common infrastructure by providing:

  • No up-front or recurring equipment costs
  • Easy-to-acquire subscription pricing
  • Full integration to state government networks
  • Full compliance with state security standards and policies
  • Easy, secure roaming to your agency’s network resources
  • Professional network design
  • Highly reliable state-of-the-art equipment
  • Local agency control and administration
  • A consistent mobile experience
  • Expert-level centralized support

Features and Benefits: 

The Wireless service basic rate includes all of the following networks:

Wireless Network/SSIDs Users Access to Authentication
<Local Agency Name> Employees Agency resources Joined to Active Directory & User Certificate
Roaming Employees Your agency resources while visiting another agency Joined to Active Directory & User Certificate
Sponsored Guest Guests Internet Assigned Username & Password
Guest Guests Internet Pre-Shared Key


Wireless Service


Fees for Service: 

Monthly Rate: $50 per Access Point

One-Time Costs: Based on Quote


The first step to becoming a Wireless Customer is to confirm that the basic requirements are met:

Basic Requirements for the Wireless Service Local Agency Roaming Guests
✔ Connectivity to the State Government Network (SGN) Required Required Required
✔ Member of the Enterprise Active Directory Forest (EAD) Required Required -
✔ Connectivity to the MPLS Wide Area Network (Agency VRF) Required Required -

How to Order: 

To schedule an overview of the Wireless Service simply email the WaTech Service Desk.

How to Apply?

Please submit a request to the WaTech Service Desk through the online Terms of Service Agreement form.